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Latest News - November 2018


October 2018

  • Memofest 2018 was held on 13th October at Martin's place in Hastings - see the event report for details


September 2018

  • Memofest 2018 will be held on 13th October, as last year, it is being hosted by Martin Allcorn in Hastings
    • See the Memorum post and contact Martin if you are interested in attending


August 2018


July 2018

  • The MTX PC Keyboard Interface is now available to purchase. I have redone the web page and added an updated section from Bill Brendling on the Parallax Propeller code that runs the interface. (Thanks Bill!)


June 2018

  • Nothing to report


May 2018

  • Arto Kivimäki has generously donated an MTX500. It was quite expensive to ship it from Finland, but as I did not have an MTX with a language ROM, it was worth it. As well as the Finnish keyboard and language ROM, the machine came with a copy of the MTX Operator's guide translated into Finnish in Finland.
  • Details of the "new MTX hardware interface" are now available . . . .
    • MTX PC Keyboard Interface
      • It is a small internal PCB that attaches to the keyboard header on the MTX computer board and allows a PC keyboard (PS/2 or USB) to be used alongside, or instead of, your existing MTX keyboard.


April 2018

  • Not many web updates I'm afraid, but things have been happening on the MTX front . . .  .
  • The "new MTX hardware interface" is progressing - more details shortly
  • Memotech disk controller (FDX/SDX) USB Floppy Drive emulator available . . .
    • Do you have a Memotech disk controller (FDX/SDX) with unreliable drives ? It is now possible to replace the floppy disk drive(s) with a Gotek USB floppy drive emulator thanks to OpenSource firmware released by Keir Fraser. I have added one to one of my FDXs and it is working well - all for under £15 !


March 2018

  • Nothing to report


February 2018

  • Phil Fagan has generously donated an MTX500 owned by his late brother, purchased when he was serving his apprenticeship, c.1983. The machine came in it's original box and polys, along with all of the original paperwork. It is in pristine condition and is the best MTX500 that I have - thanks a lot Phil !
  • Exciting (not really "exciting", but it is hopefully of interest) new MTX hardware interface coming soon . . . .
  • Paul Daniels has released an update to his MTX Development Tools - MTXShell


January 2018

  • Nothing to report


December 2017

  • Bill Brendling has released an updated version of his port of MEMU for Raspberry Pi - MEMU-Pi


November 2017


October 2017

  • Did a couple of repairs on another Memotech user's computers - benefiting us both
    • System 1 - With a clock and sound problem, also upgraded the onboard RAM from 32 to 64k
    • System 2 - With a keyboard sense chip problem
  • Started a page for copies of the Danish MTX User Club magazine (courtesy of Lars Jørgensen)
  • Memofest 2017 was hosted by Martin Allcorn in Hastings on 14th October - read the report here


September 2017

  • Nothing to report


August 2017

  • Timo Soilamaa is continuing to develop his ROM loader to allow unmodified MSX games ROMs to run on the MTX
    • It is still a work in progress, but, now runs on real MTX hardware, as well as MEMU - check it out here
  • Martin Allcorn in hosting Memofest 2017 on the 14th October in Hastings, UK
  • Courtesy of an eBay seller, I have uploaded a better quality scan of "Memotechniques" from "Personal Computer News", Issue 46, from January 28 1984 - see the Reviews page


July 2017

  • I have just completed a quite interesting repair on the MTX500 given to me by Wolfgang Joerger. As well as the almost obligatory VRAM fault, the machine had a failed TMS-4764 Mask ROM - direct replacements for these devices are not available - read how I resolved the issue here.


June 2017

  • Although not Memotech related, David Kimberlin-Wyer has contributed an article on how to replace the internals of a failed PSU in a Tatung Einstein TC-01 with an alternative open frame PSU.


May 2017

  • In a similar way to my "one-off" CFX Special, David Kimberlin-Wyer has provided details of how he modified one of Andy's memory boards and his MAGROM board to allow both to be installed inside his MTX.



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