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Latest News - September 2017


August 2017

  • Timo Soilamaa is continuing to develop his ROM loader to allow unmodified MSX games ROMs to run on the MTX
    • It is still a work in progress, but, now runs on real MTX hardware, as well as MEMU - check it out here
  • Martin Allcorn in hosting Memofest 2017 on the 14th October in Hastings, UK
  • Courtesy of an eBay seller, I have uploaded a better quality scan of "Memotechniques" from "Personal Computer News", Issue 46, from January 28 1984 - see the Reviews page


July 2017

  • I have just completed a quite interesting repair on the MTX500 given to me by Wolfgang Joerger. As well as the almost obligatory VRAM fault, the machine had a failed TMS-4764 Mask ROM - direct replacements for these devices are not available - read how I resolved the issue here.


June 2017

  • Although not Memotech related, David Kimberlin-Wyer has contributed an article on how to replace the internals of a failed PSU in a Tatung Einstein TC-01 with an alternative open frame PSU.


May 2017

  • In a similar way to my "one-off" CFX Special, David Kimberlin-Wyer has provided details of how he modified one of Andy's memory boards and his MAGROM board to allow both to be installed inside his MTX.


April 2017


March 2017


February 2017

  • Having had a few "notes of interest", I ordered another run of MAGROM boards - Version 1.1


January 2017

  • "Another year over. And a new one just begun."
  • The distributor of the MTX User's Club Germany has now put copies of the MTX-Info magazine on line
  • Posted a copy of the original CP/M ROM from the FDX SM1 Interface board
  • Another generous donation from a, or should I say an "ex", Memotech owner from Germany!
    • Wolfgang Joerger has just sent me a 64K "MTX500" with Twin Floppy FDX
    • It is in great condition and early indications are that it is fully functional - more details soon
  • Bill Brendling has reverse engineered the FDX CP/M 80 Column card driver - full details here
  • Status update for MTXPlus+ posted
  • A slight distraction to other activities, but there has been some renewed interest in MAGROM . . . .
    • If there is enough demand, I will get some more boards made, if you are interested, drop me an e-mail


December 2016

  • MTXPlus+ development continues :-
    • I am currently working on resolving a CPU CPLD timing problem
    • Tony is working on modifying the video board firmware to handle Andy's HEX-TRAIN
    • The Eurocard prototype boards that I used are hard to find - so I have designed a replacement
  • Used some of the time over the holidays to fix the "colour" problem on one of my FDX 80 Column boards
  • Martin has released a small firmware upgrade for CFX, incorporating additional commands from MTXPlus+


November 2016

  • Memofest 2016 was held at my place on 29/30th October
    • Notable highlights included :-
    • Phew! - now that is over, I can get on with MTXPlus+ etc. (I hope!)
    • The MTXPlus+ CPU PCB is back from manufacture, with just one minor error this time!
      • Testing was a nightmare, the board appeared to be u/s but it was actually a PLCC socket fault
      • (Martin was able to test the board and firmware on his system to confirm that it was not faulty)
      • Next up - the I/O board . . . . . . . .


October 2016

  • I am just back from holiday - but things are coming along nicely for Memofest 2016


September 2016

  • Gilles Bronchain has kindly sent me some photos of a pair of MTX512s with consecutive serial numbers that he obtained from Memotech's French distributor. The machines have what appears to be a locally developed video convertor to generate a SCART output from the MTX Video board.


August 2016

  • The next MTXPlus+ PCB (the video board) is ready for manufacturing
  • The firmware in MTXPlus+ that allows the system to run at a range of clock frequencies between 4 and 16Mhz, and the technique for switching between them, has been significantly enhanced (thanks to Tony Brewer).
  • Arrangements for Memofest 2016 are being finalised : confirmed as 29th/30th October in Aberdeen
    • Drop me a line if you plan on attending
  • The first MTXPlus+ PCB has been manufactured !


July 2016

I would really like to make the magazines from the MTX User's Club - Germany available on-line, although they are in German (obviously), I think that they contain a wealth of MTX related information that is at risk of being lost to the annals of time. Unfortunately, the magazine editor will not allow me to do this, see the details on my MTX User's Club - Germany page.
  • Posted Volume 5, Issues 3, 4 & 5 of the Memotech Owner's Club Magazine  (Courtesy of Matthew Clark)
    • Volume 1, Issues 1 to 3 are now the only ones missing from the set - can you help?
  • MTXPlus+ development continues, albeit, somewhat slowly !
    • An exciting new development will be announced soon!
    • I am also considering getting some PCBs made - let me know if you might be interested
  • Martin has assembled a single board version of MTXPlus+ on an ATX form factor prototype board
  • Adapted the DC only MTX512 that I got from Manfred to use a standard Cisco PSU for the MTX



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