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The Memotech MTX Series


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My Memotech Collection

A "begging" letter




Here is a list of my small collection of Memotech hardware :-


January 2017

Thanks to some generous donations of equipment from (ex-)Memotech owners, this page is getting longer and longer and my comment about about my "small" collection of Memotech hardware is probably now something of a misnomer! At first sight, it might appear that I have far too many MTX computers, but there is some justification for my expanding collection - well, at least I think so!

Even for a "basic" MTX computer, there are lot of variations in machines that are ostensibly the same computer. There were three revisions of the basic MTX computer board, 4000-04, 4000-05 and 4000-06, the least common being the later -06 which my "small" collection does not include. The MTX500, 512 and 512S2, as well as being produced using one or more of the available computer boards, were also made with variations in their RAM configuration, with some having all of the system RAM on the computer board and others having the RAM split between the computer board and an additional RAM card.

FDXs were made in CP/M and non-CP/M versions, with single or dual floppy disks, from Qume or Epson, not to mention various cusomisations that were done by, mainly German users. Some of the modifications done by MTX users in Germany are very interesting and a couple are now included in my collection (thanks to Manfred and Wolfgang).


My original Memotech hardware - purchased "back in the day"
Item Serial No Source Notes Photo
MTX512 20071 Bought new


My original Memotech "MTX512" computer. It has 32k of RAM on board and a 32k memory expansion card soldered to the internal edge connector.  
RS232 Board 15282 Bought new


Bought with the FDX below

FDX System   Bought new


My original FDX.

Originally supplied with 2 x 5.25" QumeTrack 142 floppy drives (Memotech Type 03) , I have replaced them with 2 x 3.5" Sony MPF920 drives (Memotech Type 07) and have replaced the PSU with an ATX type..

Additions from more recent times
The three items purchased off ebay in 2009 all came from an ex-lecturer at Hartlepool College of Further Education (HCFE). He "liberated" this equipment, with a load of other stuff, when the college stopped using them for teaching.

So, we know of at least one place where the MTX computer made a successful bid to beat the BBC Micro's dominance in the education market! This is the HCFE label attached to the case next to the Memotech serial number.

HCFE has itself now been replaced - a new campus was opened in 2011. I would guess that the MTX equipment was cleared out in preparation for the move.

Logos from the 1980s, 1990s and the present day are shown here.

Item Serial No Source Notes Photo




Has now been upgraded to 64KB on board


ebay uk


Purported to be an MTX512 that was used to run the FDX bought with it. It only had 32k of RAM installed - it was an MTX500. Has had horrible HCFE markings on the top.
Not perfect, but it looks a lot better now. Cleaned off the red marks, but there is still a slight sheen where the writing was.
RS232 Board 15131

ebay uk


Bought with the MTX above

FDX System

(Twin Qume drives)

ebay uk


FDX bought to replace my broken one, was supposed to run with the "MTX512" I bought with it, it was sick for a while, but has now been repaired - see here


Bought new


I bought an Altera DE1 and loaded Andy Key's remarkable REMEMOTECH on it.

Andy made me a nice label like the one in the photo too!

MTX512 15189

ebay uk


Bought to replace the pseudo MTX512 to run the second FDX system.

In pretty good condition, but with a slight blemish on the keyboard label.

MTX Memory Card n/a

Andy Key


After having botched a memory upgrade to my MTX500, Andy generously gave me one of his "home brew" MTX Memory Cards.

You can see the 512K memory chip in the photo.

REMEMOrizer 2

Andy Key


Another great modern day add-on from Andy Key that I just had to have!

So much so, that I got Serial Number 2 :-)

My MTX has a noisy clock signal, so Andy made a fix for this in the code - the red dot on the GODIL shows that it has been upgrade to software Version 2.

MTX500 17815

ebay uk


Bought to get the MTX 80 column card (below). It has 64k of RAM installed - i.e., it was actually an MTX512.
Very "bouncy" keyboard.
MTX 80 Column Card

The 80C card has a "Retest" label and is identified as "40085" but this is not the original serial number.

ebay uk


Installed in the "MTX500", has a really ugly hardware hack on the video output connector (on the top right of the card).
The purpose of this hack is not known.

Peter, thinks that it could be a very simple mixer that adds the RGB and SYNC signals, but why would you?

This example is soldered to the MTX internal edge connector, making its removal somewhat problematic!
The modified endplate showing how the RGB monitor socket has been relocated to make room for the video bodge job.
SDX Controller 24985

ebay de


An example of the first version of the SDX floppy disk controller.

The controller did not have the stand-alone floppy drive that would have been supplied with it which also provided additional 5VDC to the controller.

Rear view showing the FDD ribbon cable connection and the 5VDC input supplied by the PSU of the original Memotech floppy disk drive.
The "FDC05" disk controller board showing that this SDX has the CP/M ROM fitted.
View of the rear connections and base of the controller enclosure.
DMX80 Printer  

Jan Seyfarth


A DMX80 in pristine condition - a greatly appreciated gift from Jan !

More photos soon!

Video Wall Hardware

A range of modules badged "Cameron Video Systems" and "Memotech"


ebay uk


I didn't think that I'd ever get my hands on Video Wall hardware, so when this came up on ebay I had to go for it - and won!

This photo is from the ebay listing, a better set of photos can be found on my Video Wall photos page.

MTX512S2 33261


An added bonus thrown in after the seller of the Video Wall (above) found it after posting the advert on ebay!
Games ROM Board




Jim Wills sent me two of these after Memofest 2013.

The sockets were empty, originally they each had a game loaded onto the ROM.

The boards are identical to Tony Brewer's Node ROM board.

I hope to use these boards to set up a Memotech Node Ring, but have so far, been unsuccessful.

REMEMOrizer 15

Andy Key


The edge connectors that Andy needs to build REMEMOrizer are obsolete and as there was some uncertainty on the continuing availability of REMEMOrizer, I decided to get a second one while they were still available! 

Excellent salesmanship by Andy, the connectors are readily available at the moment :-)

MTX512S2 33003





Bought this one from Diarmid after he'd found the website and given us lots of missing software and cover scans.
The computer separated from the SDX disk controller and drive. As you can see, cosmetically, it is in very good condition
Unfortunately, the internals were not quite so pristine. You may be able to make out the corrosion around the VDP & VRAM.
The main computer board, there was a fault on the VDP output that took a bit of work to fix.

See this page for details.

The internals after replacing the VDP & VRAMs and cleaning up the computer board - hopefully, you can see the difference?

Solder side of the computer board PCB, showing the link wires, in this case red, to enable the 256k of system RAM.

The 80 Column card. This one has not been soldered to the motherboard edge connector.

It does not have the RS232 ICs fitted and does not have the external power socket fitted.

SDX Controller - "new" 32074






The "new" style SDX controller with integral 3.5" drive. To incorporate the drive, the profile of this SDX is much "squarer" than the MTX and original SDX controller.
MTX512 20290

Gillian MacKenzie


This machine is in immaculate condition, with original outer and inner boxes & polys.

The keyboard is particularly impressive - maybe even as good as it was when new!

The internals are also pristine - certainly the best preserved MTX motherboard that I have.

HiSoft Pascal ROM

MTX Version 1.2





Bought a Pascal ROM board from Peter when he was thinking of getting rid of his MTX - he decided to keep the MTX512 and sell me the ROM board - great!
The ROM board has two 2764 (8k) ROMs fitted for Pascal, leaving two spare slots.

Solder side of the board.

MTX Screen output from the Pascal board, after typing "ROM 2" <ret>

All I need now is to learn Pascal !


Martin Allcorn







During development of his MAGROM games ROM, Martin generously donated a Version 3a prototype board to me !

The display is from a beta test version of the Menu, with 38 available games.

Component side of the development board, with all of the components, apart from the ROM, mounted on this side.
Solder side of the board, showing the ROM and Martin's neat soldering work.
My "production" version of MAGROM.

It is a little bigger than Martin's prototypes, but the PCB was designed so that it can be installed externally or internally.

This required a horizontal form factor with the components located at the back of the board, in the deepest part of the MTX case.

MTX Speculator None

Martin Allcorn


Courtesy of Martin, at long last, I now have a Memotech Speculator, complete with original program tape.
Component side of the PCB
Empty MTX 512 Case 25287




I'd been looking for a replacement case for some time - Trevor kindly gave me this one in May 2014
RS232 Board 15716

Martin Allcorn


Courtesy of Martin, I now have a spare for my RS232 / FDX interface cards.

The board was originally used with Martin's long dead FDX.


With Twin Floppy FDX


(Twin Qume drives)


RS232 Interface




Andy H. & Dennis W.


Another generous donation, previously owned by a colleague of Andy & Dennis.


No leads or manuals, but both are in excellent condition. The MTX works fine but the FDX PSU blew a capacitor about 30 seconds after I turned it on. Not a great surprise and easily fixed.

MTX512 15124

ebay uk


Came with no PSU, fully working, but the keyboard is very rough - likely due to lack of use.
CFX None Self

My "production" version of CFX.

With a similar form-factor as MAGROM, allowing either internal or external mounting.
Video Wall Hardware

A complete 4x4 Video Wall system


ebay uk


This system was advertised on ebay UK in September 2015. I managed to do a deal with the seller and picked it up from Birmingham.

The system was installed in a flight case, so I assume that it was originally used for mobile events.

Detailed photos are available on a dedicated page.


With Twin Floppy FDX



(Twin Epson drives)




Generously donated by Manfred. MTX512 with German keyboard, 192k of RAM and an FDX interface board.
FDX with upgraded PROM for increased capacity (390k) from the 2 x SD-521 (500kB) Floppy Drives Photo coming soon
(Has MTX500 label)
18550 Manfred

Generously donated by Manfred. Photo coming soon
Has had the power regulation components removed and extensive other modifications.
(Has MTX500 label)

With Twin Floppy FDX

(Twin Epson drives)


Generously donated by Wolfgang. German keyboard. Had various problems - now fixed ! Photo coming soon
Single disk FDX with after market upgrade to twin disks. Wolfgang also added a self built 1MB Silicon Disk! Photo coming soon

With SDX controller

(Single 5.25" drive)

Norman Lambert

Generously donated by Norman. Fully working. Photo coming soon
Single disk SDX with SDX ROM and Epson drive.

The controller PCB, showing the SDX ROM and confirming Type 03
The 5.25" floppy disk drive. The data cable has an unused connector attached for a second drive unit.

The DS/DD drive an an Epson SD-521, the same drive was used in later FDXs.
MTX512       Photo coming soon
MTX512 15542 Vic

Generously donated by Vic. Fully working (though 1 "noisy" key-switch needed to be replaced).
This one is very clean inside and out, the photos don't really do it justice. It came with its original box and polys, as well as a dust cover that was likely used to keep in clean when it wasn't in use.
MTX500 15422 Phil

Generously donated by Phil. Fully working.
It came with its original box and polys, as well as all of the original paperwork. The machine is immaculate - probably the best machine in my collection.
MTX500 26591 Arto

Generously donated by Arto. Has a Finnish keyboard and piggy-back language ROM. Came with a copy of the MTX manual translated into Finnish.
Internal photo, showing the piggy back ROM.

Another nice clean machine, it just needs a little dust removal.

HiSoft Pascal
MTX Version 1.4
None Norman Lambert

Out of the blue, Norman sent me the Pascal ROMPAK from the MTX that he sent me in 2017. I was really happy to get this as I didn't have one in the collection.

Note the jumper on the reverse side to set the ROM ID
HiSoft Pascal ROM

MTX Version 1.2
15125 Paul Smith

Generously donated by Paul Smith after he "found" it in the MTX that he bought and didn't want/need it.
NewWord ROM 15580 Paul Smith

Generously donated by Paul Smith after he "found" it in the MTX that he bought and didn't want/need it.


MTX500 (In its original configuration) 2
MTX500 (Labeled as an MTX512) 1
MTX500 (With additional 32k RAM) 1
MTX512 (One labeled as an MTX500) 9
MTX512S2 (with the MTX 80 column board fitted) 2
MTX512S2 (with VideoWall ROMs fitted)
FDX (dual disk, CP/M version) - refurbished, replaced PSU & disk drives 5
FDX (dual disk, CP/M version) - original (80 Column card repaired)
FDX (dual disk, CP/M version) - after market upgrade to twin disk
FDX (dual disk, CP/M version) - failed PSU
FDX (dual disk, CP/M version) - has custom disk config, untested
SDX Controller - 1 "old" style with SDX ROM 3
SDX Controller - 1 "old" style with CP/M ROM
SDX Controller - 1 "new" style with CP/M ROM
MTX RS232/Interface Board 5
MTX Games ROM (GROM) board, with Ring ROM fitted, won't boot 2
Memotech Speculator - very sick, not working at all at the moment 1
DMX80 Printer 1
Video Wall Hardware - System 1, not really sure what I have! ???
Video Wall Hardware - System 2, complete System 2000 4x4 Video Wall 1
REMEMOrizer (Andy Key) 2
MTX RAM Card (Andy Key) 1
MAGROM (Martin Allcorn) - Prototype 1
MAGROM - Production board 1
MAGROM - Production board, with REMEMOrizer modification 1
CFX (Martin Allcorn) - Production board 1
Working Faulty




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