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The Commodore Amiga A1200

Commodore Amiga A1200 Site Map


Welcome to my pages about the Commodore Amiga A1200, or more specifically, my Amiga A1200. There are a number of excellent websites and forums dedicated to the Commodore Amiga range, including the ones with links at the bottom of my Amiga About page, these sites will almost certainly cover the subject far better than I could hope to. The main purpose of my pages is as a repository for data relevant to my particular system, gathered as my Amiga knowledge increases, it is primarily for my own use, but it's on the web, as that's a good a place to keep it as any.

I never owned, or even used, a Commodore Amiga when they were released in the 1980s & 90s, but knew that they had a good reputation for their graphics and sound capabilities. As of March 2015, I have a number of retro computing projects on the go, related to my Memotech MTX and Commodore PET computers, and no time to even use some of the other machines that I have, including my BBC Micro and Atari ST, so the last thing I needed was to start another retro computer project.

Despite that, having seen a few, apparently cheap, Amigas on ebay, I got it into my head that I needed one, with next to no knowledge of the Amiga, but having done a little "surfing", I intended to try to pick up a cheap A600. To try and get some idea of whether an A600 was a suitable model for my needs (mainly playing games I guess), I posted a message looking for some buyer's advice on the AmiBay forum, where I was recommended to get an A1200 instead, which, although it cost more than I had planned, I duly did.

Having learned a little more, I am happy that the A1200 is the right choice for my needs, but I did not do enough research before I jumped in and bought one. My Amiga About page includes the specifications for the A1200 and shows that the machine had 2MB of RAM as standard and a number of methods by which the RAM could be expanded up to 256MB. As it turns out, 2MB is pretty much the bare minimum and additional RAM is almost an essential upgrade to be able to get the most from the machine.

These pages are being developed as I, somewhat belatedly, investigate the options to bring my A1200 up to an acceptable level of performance for my needs, of course, your mileage may vary.



  • A1200 Specifications


  • User Guide
  • Software
  • Circuit Diagrams


  • Emulators


  • "Stock" photos
  • Photos of my A1200


  • Accelerators / CPU Upgrades
  • Power
  • RAM Upgrade
  • Storage



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