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The Commodore Amiga A1200



Amiga Technologies


The Amiga A1200 was launched by Commodore in October 1992 and remained in production as a Commodore product until Commodore folded in early 1994. By 1995, a German company, Escom had purchased Commodore's assets and set up a separate Amiga division which re-launched the A1200 and continued to manufacture it until Escom too went bankrupt in 1996.



Processor Motorola 68EC020

A low cost 68020, with a reduced size address bus (24-bit)

Clock Speed 14.18 MHz (PAL) or 14.32 MHz (NTSC)
ROM 512 kB Kickstart ROM Version 3.0 (Commodore) or 3.1 (Escom)
RAM - fitted 2 MB Amiga Chip RAM
RAM - expansion

8 MB in the expansion slot without CPU upgrade

256 MB in the expansion slot with CPU upgrade

4 MB in PCMCIA (Type II) slot

Amiga Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) Original Chipset (OCS)
8374 Alice Memory controller and Blitter Angus
4203 Lisa Video control Denise
8364 Paula Sound & I/O Paula
Gayle I/O, PCMCIA, IDE interfaces Gary
Budgie Bus controller, fast RAM & Trapdoor

Display modes

320200 to 1280400i (60 Hz NTSC)

320256 to 1280512i (50 Hz PAL)

640480 (VGA)

800600i, 1024768i (not officially supported)


24-bit colour palette (16.8 Million colours)

Up to 256 on-screen colours in indexed mode

262,144 on-screen colours in HAM-8 mode


4 8-bit PCM channels (2 stereo channels)

2856 kHz maximum DMA sampling rate (dependent on video mode in use)

I/O Capability

2 Mouse/Game ports (DE9)

Floppy disk drive port (DB-23F)

RS-232 serial port (DB-25M)

Centronics style parallel port (DB-25F)

Right/Left Audio out (2 RCA)

Analog RGB video out (DB-23M)

Composite video out (RCA)

RF audio/video out (RCA)

Expansion slots

16-bit Type II PCMCIA slot

150-pin local expansion port (Trapdoor)

22-pin clockport

44-pin ATA controller supporting PIO-0 transfer mode (internal)

Data Storage

Drive: DS/DD 3" floppy disk drive, 880 kB capacity

Internal housing for 2.5" IDE hard disk drive

Operating System AmigaOS 3.0/3.1. (Kickstart 3.0-3.1/Workbench 3.0-3.1)


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