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The Tatung Einstein

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Welcome to my pages about my Tatung Einstein TC-01, bought off eBay in 2017. I'm not really sure why I bought this - I definitely don't have time for yet another retro computer! I think knowing that Tony Brewer had created a version of his Memotech MTX Speculator for the Einstein got me interested in seeing one, though I doubt that I will ever get much time to explore it!

The machine that I bought came with pretty much the complete bundle that would have been supplied in 1984, including the optional Tatung TM-01 colour monitor, manuals, the system master disk and a couple of other game & utility disks. As might have been expected, 4 out of the 7 disks that I received with the system were unreadable; the seller listed the games as "untested", but I take that to mean that the disks wouldn't load for him either.

The biggest disappointment though was the monitor, the screen was unusable; although a picture was displayed, the only colours presented were shades of Blue, so it looks like both the Red and Green channels are faulty. The Einstein TC-01 has internal jumpers to switch the video output between YUV (default) and RGB and the TM-01 monitor has a selection switch to choose between YUV/RGB analogue or RGB TTL video signals and the monitor output was pretty much the same when trying to display either of the TC-01 analogue modes.

I was able to display reasonable quality output from the modulator on a TV which pretty much confirmed that the TC-01's video generation circuits were working so I tried to display the YUV (component) video output on the TV too. I made up a cable to connect the 6-pin DIN output from the TC-01 to the component video inputs on my TV but wasn't able to get a picture - my TV reported "Invalid Signal". I then made up a cable to connect the TC-01 video output to the RGB lines in the SCART connector of my TV, changed the TC-01 video configuration to RGB and was able to get a pretty good quality picture on the TV.



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