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LAN Overview



In the absence of a more appropriate name, I have called this section of the site "LAN", but the scope of these pages is more than just my Local Area Network. It will document the cabling infrastructure around my home, my computer network environment and anything else that does not readily fit into the Automation or Computers sections.

These pages are a convenient location for me to place miscellaneous documents that I want to have readily to hand without necessarily needing me to have access to my own computers, mobile devices or even my local network - kind of like my own, but publicly accessible, Cloud. The information here is likely to be of little interest to anyone else, but you're welcome to make use of anything that you find here.

When we bought the house in 2004, we wanted to do some extensive refurbishment before we moved in, including new kitchen, bathrooms and re-plastering the ceiling in just about every room. The house being totally empty and needing some quite disruptive work did mean that I had pretty much free reign to do anything that I wanted before we moved in. Very soon after buying the house, I decided that I wanted to install network and video cables throughout the house and run them to appropriate termination points. An overview of my cable work can be found on the Cabling page.

I have always been a bit of a computer "geek", and, having gotten introduced to networks in the course of my work, had toyed around a little with networking at home, starting with Novell Netware, before migrating to Windows/NT. and ultimately (to date anyway), Windows Server. Whilst it is obviously overkill (not to mention, expensive) to implement a fully functioning and reliable Windows Server network at home, this is something that I did want to have available in the new house. You can read about the development of my Windows based network on the Domain page.


These pages are currently "Under Construction" and likely to always be so!

Updates are likely to be pretty slow as, although I intend to progress this,

it is pretty low down on my priority list




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