Commerce Overview
Commodore PET
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Commerce Overview

A rather grand title, but there's not much here, I added the "Commerce" button to the menu banner to provide a quick way to get to the few retro computer bits & pieces that I have for sale, ranging from components for my Memotech computers to some add-on devices for Memotech and PET computers.

I am not a dealer or trader in any form other than as a private eBay buyer & seller, there isn't a fancy web shop or on-line ordering facility - given the tiny quantity of items that I sell, there's no justification for that, "orders" or enquiries should be sent by e-mail.

News : 25/06/2020 - Prepayment / Deposit Required

Up until now, I have never taken any money until an item is ready for dispatch - that included items that I needed to build. This worked fine until recently; people ordered, I built, they sent the money and the item was dispatched - simples !

However, there has been an increasing number of occasions where someone has sent me an email, "ordering" an item, then, when the time comes to pay, having likely decided that they have changed their mind, they ignore subsequent emails requesting payment. As you might imagine, this is somewhat annoying and very bad manners.

This has caused me to have a bit of a rethink. In future, for items that I have to spend time building with a final purchase price over 20, if the purchaser is not already known to me, then a deposit will be required before construction commences. The deposit will be 20% of the final purchase price (with a minimum deposit of 10). If the order is cancelled or otherwise unpaid after construction has commenced, 50% of the deposit will be returned and the remaining 50% (i.e., 10% of the purchase price) will be forfeited. Any transaction costs will be borne by the non-paying "customer".

I accept that this might discourage people from ordering from me, but hey, that's their choice - I'd rather lose sales that don't take up any of my time than waste time on something that does not make much money anyway.

The Boring Bits
Components for MTX Computers

As a user of Memotech computers I have needed to source some very old components, quite often requiring purchasing in larger quantities than I need in order to make them economic. This means that I have a limited number of components that I don't envisage using that I am making available to others who may be interested.
SDIP-64 to Breadboard Adapter

MTXPlus+ uses a Yamaha V9958 Video Display Processor, this device uses a Shrink-DIP 64 package. To allow the VDP to be installed on a standard breadboard or prototype board, I had some adapters made and have a few extras for sale.
Commodore PET/CBM EPROM Adapter

PETs make extensive use of 2532 EPROMs which are not supported by many modern day EPROM programmers. This adapter allows a 2532 to be programmed in a device that supports 2732 EPROMs.
Commodore PET/CBM Multi-ROM Board

Designed by Steve Gray, this board allows a single Option or character ROM socket in a PET/CBM to be loaded with any one of 16 available ROM image files, selectable by DIP switch

The Good Stuff
Commodore PET/CBM

A petSD is a modern mass storage solution for Commodore PETs with an IEEE-488-bus. It can be used instead of and alongside vintage floppy disk drives. The petSD makes file sharing between the PET and the PC easy by using standard SD cards for storage."

Designed by Nils Eilers, being sold by me in kit or pre-built form.
Memotech MTX

Martin Allcorn has designed a ROM board that plugs into the MTX cartridge connector - just like the original Memotech games ROMs did, but with a difference. Martin's design features the ability to store many MTX games programs on the ROM card and uses an on screen menu to allow the user to select the game to run.

Designed by Martin Allcorn, available as an assembled unit only

CFX is a spin off of the Compact Flash storage system developed for MTXPlus+, our modern day, fully compatible, MTX "super computer". It uses a modified Memotech SDX ROM to give an MTX computer the ability to load and save data from a CF card using MTX BASIC "USER" extensions.

Designed by Martin Allcorn, available as an assembled unit only
MTX PC Keyboard Interface

A small PCB that fits inside an MTX computer to allow a PC (PS/2 or USB) keyboard to be used with an MTX. Can either work in parallel with, or instead of, the existing matrix keyboard.

Designed by Martin Allcorn, Bill Brendling and myself, available as an assembled unit only
MFX - Multi-Function eXpansion

The ultimate MTX add-on? Internal board comprising RAM expansion, SD card interface, network interface and VGA output.

Designed by Martin Allcorn and myself, available as an assembled unit only







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