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The Memotech MTX Series

Memotech Hardware Repairs

Spare Parts

*** Disclaimer ***

I am not a dealer or trader in any form other than as a private ebay buyer & seller - As a user of Memotech computers I have needed to source some very old components, quite often requiring purchasing in larger quantities than I need in order to make them economic. This means that I have a limited number of components that I don't envisage using that I am making available to others who may be interested.

These parts are typically (exceptions noted), "new, old stock" (NOS), that means that they are unused components that were probably manufactured around the same time as the MTX computer, i.e., they can be expected to be around 30 years old. Based on my use of similar components, more than likely from the same batch, I believe them to be working, but can make no guarantee as to whether the parts that you receive will work on your system - there can be no refunds on these items - you are buying them on the same basis that I did.

*** caveat emptor ***

The prices for the chips here should be quite a bit cheaper than on ebay, but if you can find them cheaper, let me know and I will see what I can do for you. Where I have a lot of spares, i.e., the DRAMs, I may eventually put them on ebay myself to get rid of them, but in the meantime, I'd like to give the Memotech folks first "shout".




Quantity Price ea. Pack total

inc. UK P&P

256k x 1 RAM chips for MTX512S2

NEC D41256C-10 256k 100ns DRAM

 The original chips in an MTX512S2 are 150ns - faster is OK though


1 2.25  
8+ (-10%) 2.00 16.00

64k x 1 RAM chips for MTX512

Samsung KM4164B-15 64k 150ns DRAM

 The original chips in my MTX512 are OKI-3264 - 20RS (200ns)


(25 sold)

1 1.15  
8+ 1.15 9.20

16k x1 RAM chips for MTX Video RAM

Mostek MK4116N-3IRL 16k 200ns DRAM

 The original chips in an MTX computer are ITT 4116-3N (200ns)

200 1 1.25  
8+ 1.25 10.00

Video Board TV Video Modulator

National Semiconductor LM1889N

3 1 4.00  

ASTEC UHF Modulator for MTX500/512/512S2/RS128

ASTEC Audio Video Modulator model UM1286

1 1 8.50  
SN74LS00N Quad 2-input NAND gates 4 1 0.50  
SN74LS86AN Quad 2-input exclusive-OR gates 10 1 0.92  
SN74LS273N Octal "D" Type flip-flops with Clear 10 1 0.98  
MTX Case screws, dome head, 3mm x 10mm, set of 6 5 1 2.00 2.00

20-way DuPont type cable, suitable replacement for the MTX keyboard ribbon


3 1 2.20 3.50
Other Stuff
SDIP Adapter, use to mount an SDIP-64 chip on 0.1" standard prototype board 
(See here for details)   
Bare board  
With SDIP socket  
5.00  5.00 
6.00  6.00 
EPROM adapter to allow you to program a 2532 in a 2732 capable programmer

(See here for details)   
Bare board
Spring socket  
 Turned pin socket
ZIF socket  
5.00  5.00  
7.00  7.00  
8.00  8.00  
11.00  11.00  


P&P will be extra - pretty much at cost (~1.30 for a UK First Class "large letter")

+NEW - UK Postage IS now included in the multiple quantity DRAM prices, i.e., for 8 or more


If you are interested in purchasing any of these items (Paypal "gift" or you pay the fee), please drop me an e-mail




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