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The Atari ST



Processor Motorola 68000
Clock Speed 8 MHz
ROM 192 KB
RAM - fitted 512 KB
RAM - maximum 4 MB
Display Display modes (60 Hz NTSC, 50 Hz PAL, 71.2 Hz monochrome):
Colours Low resolution - 320200 (16 color), palette of 512 colors Medium resolution - 640200 (4 color), palette of 512 colors High resolution - 640400 (mono), monochrome
Sound Yamaha YM2149 3-voice square wave plus 1-voice white noise mono Programmable Sound Generator
I/O Capability TV out (on STM and STFM models, NTSC or PAL standard RF modulated), MIDI in/out (with 'out-thru'), RS-232 serial, Centronics parallel (printer), monitor (RGB or Composite Video colour and mono, 13-pin DIN), extra disk drive port (15-pin DIN), DMA port (ACSI port, Atari Computer System Interface) for hard disks and Atari Laser Printer (sharing RAM with computer system), joystick and mouse ports (9-pin MSX standard)
Data Storage Drive: Single-sided 3" floppy disk drive, 360 KB capacity when formatted to standard 9 sector, 80 track layout.
Built in languages Operating System - Atari TOS (The Operating System)

Interestingly, the "ST" stands for "Sixteen/Thirty-two", which refers to the Motorola 68000 processor's 16-bit external bus and 32-bit internals.

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