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The Memotech MTX Series

The Memotech User Groups


UK User Groups

Despite their relatively poor commercial success, Memotech computers did have three dedicated user groups in the UK, the Memotech User's Club, Genpat, the Memotech Owner's Club and the Software Source.

I was a long time member of the Memotech User's Club and have started scanning my old issues of the club magazine, Memopad, these are available on the Genpat page.

I did not have any copies of the Memotech Owner's Club magazine, but Paul Daniels has made some MOC Technical Notes available which look very useful and I have just received copy copies of the Club magazine, Memotechniques, from Jim Wills. Both of these sets of publications can be found on the MOC page.

Jim Wills has also given me Issues 2-5 of a magazine called "Memotech MTX World", from a group called "The Software Source", these are available on the MTX World page (this publication is in no way related to Claus's MTX World website). Based on reading of the Memotech Owner's Club magazine, it appears that The Software Source split from the MOC to focus on software distribution.

German User Group

There was also a very successful User Group in Germany. The German user group seems to have been very technically orientated, with quite a number of hardware projects being developed for the MTX and FDX. - I would love to get scans of their magazines - although they are obviously in German, I'm sure we could extract some valuable information from them, sadly, it appears that this is not going to be possible.

The MTX User Club Germany was run by Herbert zur Nedden, who also produced the MTX-Info magazine and wishes to assert his copyright over the material and prohibits them from being made available on-line. Peter Kretschmar has scanned copies of the MTX-Info magazines which Herbert is offering for sale at 15 Euros on his web site. The CD contains 46 issues of the magazine, along with some PD software.

Unfortunately, being unable to speak or read German, although I may be able to find something useful on the CD, I can't really justify the cost of taking a chance. If you have some grasp of German, you may like to obtain a copy of the CD from Herbert.

Danish User Group

Info coming soon . . . .







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