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The Memotech MTX Series

Memotech Related Projects


This page provides links to the various Memotech projects that I have undertaken, as well as some old hardware projects from the 1980's. The legacy projects are probably of little interest to anyone except me, but I thought that this would be a good place to archive them.


REMEMOTECH was devised by Andy Key (who programmed many of the games and other software for the MTX series, in Andy's words  "REMEMOTECH is a modern-day re-implementation of a Memotech MTX/FDX/SDX compatible computer". The system runs on an Altera DE1 Development and Education FPGA board and offers the exciting prospect of running MTX / CP/M software on real, non-Memotech hardware.

2. My REMEMOriszer

REMEMOrizer  - to quote from Andy's site, "REMEMOrizer is an add-on for a real Memotech MTX500, MTX512 or MTX512 S2 computer, built using hardware and software developed for REMEMOTECH. . . . .Its like an SDX, only smaller, faster, cheaper and better. This is the upgrade you wished you'd had in 1984." REMEMORizer does not need much help from the user - it works "right out of the box". The only thing you need to do, is to check/set a couple of jumpers on the board and decide whether you want/need to replace the existing MTX OS & BASIC ROMS. There's so little to do that I can't really classify this one as a "Project", but it is a fantastic add-on for an MTX.  

3. My Memotech hardware upgrades & refurbishment

4. Memotech MTX-512 on steroids? - "MTX Plus" - ongoing

5. MEMU on a Raspberry Pi - Turning a Raspberry Pi into a Memotech MTX/SDX/FDX

6. MTX-Pi - Putting a Raspberry Pi inside a Memotech MTX computer - ongoing

7. Multi Game ROM Cartridge - Courtesy of Martin Allcorn

A low cost alternative to REMEMOrizer - allowing you to run multiple MTX games from a single ROM plugged into cartridge port on the left hand side of the MTX.

8. Memotech Device Programmers - Courtesy of Bill Brendling

9. Hardware "Hacks" - by others

  • RAM Upgrade - Turn an MTX500 into a MTX512 (Martin Allcorn)
  • VRAM Upgrade - Replace a 4116 VRAM chip with a 4164 (Martin Allcorn)

10. Legacy (1980's) hardware projects - Various magazine projects from the 1980s - Information Only

11. MemoPET - Making a MTXPlus+ into a Commodore PET Clone

12. Multi Function eXpansion - SD card based expansion system (Future)

13. Web Enabled MTX - Run a website on your MTX! (Martin Allcorn & Andy Key)






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