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The Raspberry Pi +


MEMU-Pi  : Now with Joystick Support

MEMU-Pi is Bill Brendling's implementation of Andy Key's Memotech Emulator, MEMU, on a Raspberry Pi (RPi).

For a complete description of the functionality of MEMU, refer to the MEMU page on Andy's site.


Bill's first MEMU-PI implementation was a stand-alone project based on building the system on top of a base Linux (Raspbian) operating system. The procedure for building a system of your own was quite involved, but thankfully, this process is no longer needed, though full instructions for building MEMU-Pi on Raspbian are archived on this page.

In early 2019, Bill released a bare metal version of MEMU-Pi. This did not require an operating system to be preinstalled on the Pi, but the Project was still a single fork of MEMU; separate code branches were needed to support Bill's version of MEMU on Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi. The separate bare metal version is now also obsolete and archived on this page.

During Memofest 2019, Bill had a couple of requests to make a version of MEMU that was easier to install and use. Some users found that MEMU could be quite difficult to build from source and the large number of command line options used to configure MEMU could be quite daunting. (Bill had previously written an application launcher in Python which I use to run MEMU.)

In response to those requests, Bill has now released a version of MEMU with a configuration dialog that supports most of MEMU's command line options and has created a suite of pre-built install packages for different systems :

  • Microsoft Windows (32 bit).
  • x86 Linux (32 bit).
  • Raspbian (or other 32 bit Linux distributions on Raspberry Pi).
  • Bare Metal for Raspberry Pi.

Consequently, the separate instructions to build Bare Metal Memu-Pi previously found on this page are no longer necessary (they they can still be found on this page.

Bill has now generated comprehensive instructions for using his version of MEMU which is available here and contains download links for the install packages that he has created.


Bill Brendling's version of MEMU




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