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The Raspberry Pi +

The Raspberry Pi - Projects Page

Having purchased a couple of Raspberry Pi computers, I just needed something to do with them !

Given their small size and low cost, these tiny computers are actually quite powerful and there are host of possible applications described on the Raspberry Pi forums that people are putting together, including automation, media centres, gaming etc. I had initially planned to put together a couple of projects for myself :

  • a media centre based on Rasbmc 
  • a front end for my HomeVision automation controller

As I mentioned though, the Pi is quite a powerful little computer in its own right, quite capable of running various flavours of Linux. Bill Brendling has had a great idea for us Memotech aficionados - build Andy Key's Memotech Emulator, MEMU, on a Pi! This is one project that I will certainly be doing. As it is based on Andy's MEMU, Bill is thinking of calling it MEMU-Pi.

Going a step beyond MEMU-Pi, helped by Bill Brendling's software skills, I have now made MTX-Pi - a Raspberry Pi inside a real MTX keyboard, replacing all of the other Memotech hardware and running MEMU.



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