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HomeVision Pro Overview

The HomeVision Home Automation Controllers, produced by Custom Solutions Inc., were designed to provide automation capabilities for the home with a user interface accessible via a TV. The systems are programmed using a PC running Windows, Linux, etc, and data can be displayed through a web server running on the host PC. The PC is not required to be "always on" to execute the control function though, a "schedule" of events/actions is downloaded to the controller and executed from its RAM.

An example of a HomeVision control screen for display on TV.  These, and subsequent  menu options, could be  manipulated using an Infra-Red remote control.

The controller can be programmed to expect a range of codes from most domestic IR remote controls.

Use of a TV is optional, HomeVision does not require a TV to use it.

The original HomeVision controller was a stand-alone unit mounted in a case as shown.

HomeVision front view

HomeVision rear view

The original HomeVision was expanded and enhanced and became the HomeVision Pro which was installed in a steel enclosure as shown.

Full specifications for the HVPro controller can be found on the Custom Solutions site here.

Click on the image for details of the HVPro board layout.

This diagram gives a good overview of the I/O capabilities of HVPro.

Both of these devices have now reached the obsolescence stage, although some units are still available from suppliers such as Lets Automate in the UK. The Lets Automate site has a good web page which describes the basic functions of HomeVision here.

Custom Solutions developed HomeVision Pro software for the controller which was used to create schedule files and otherwise interact with the controller from a PC. Schelte Bron has significantly enhanced the software and written HomeVisionXL which was developed for Linux but now runs under Windows as well a various versions of Linux and other operating systems. One of the significant enhancements of HomeVisionXL is the availability of a number of "plug-ins" to provide additional functionality.

My HVPro is installed in my loft, in the same location as my network patch panels and switches etc. The connection to the host PC for programming is made via one of the serial ports on the controller and additional serial ports are provided. My HVPro serial port assignments are :-

  • Port 1 - Programming Interface, using HVXL Software
  • Port 2 - Event Status Logging
  • Port 3 - Report Output

Rather then running serial links directly to the controller, I use a Comtrol DeviceMaster RTS Ethernet device server to provide access to the serial ports via the LAN.

The Comtrol DeviceMaster datasheet is available by clicking on the image 

The DeviceMaster allows network access to the 3 serial ports on the HVPro as well as a number of serial ports on my Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC.


The Custom Solutions Inc. website is still on-line and as far as I am aware, will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. The CSI (no, not that one) site hosts a lot of valuable information about the HomeVision controllers, some of which I have also made available here. A complete description of HomeVision functionality can be found on the CSI site here, or for more detail on the HomeVision Pro controller, here.

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HV Pro Manual - Ver. 3.5  HV Pro Manual - Ver 3.5
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