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I am currently setting up a system which will me allow me to monitor environmental data from my home which I can access remotely via this web site, although I have user the term "Automation" here, the initial scope will be data collection, rather than the control of appliances in the home. The initial plan is to install a network of "1-Wire" temperature sensors which will allow remote monitoring and trending of the temperatures throughout the house.

The 1-Wire protocol was developed by Dallas Semiconductor Inc, now part of Maxim Integrated Products, to allow multiple devices to communicate over a 1-Wire network  Originally known as a MicroLAN, each device on the network has a unique network address, its 1-Wire ID, which allows a bus master to communicate with the slave devices. In parasitic power mode, the power required by the slave devices is derived from the single data line, the network being completed by a signal ground return line, although, for larger networks, additional power can be provided by a third wire if required.

Maxim has made Software Development Kit available allows the user to write their own interface software, a good example is DigiTemp from Brian Lane. Brian has made the source code available under the open source GNU General Public License. I have used many of the routines in DigiTemp as the basis of my own application to read data from devices on my 1-Wire network of temperature, humidity and pressure sensors.

9-pin Serial Adapter USB Adapter Version
Temperature Probe

DS1820 (TO-92 package)

Mounted in  Hobby Boards case
1-Wire Hub Kit Mounted in  Hobby Boards case


Software Resources

 Maxim Public Domain "C" Library  Link to PC Adapters, Drivers and SDK
 Brian Lane's DigiTemp  Link to Source Code and Documentation
 One Wire File System (Linux)  Released through


Hardware Resources

 The 1-Wire area on the Maxim website  Information on the 1-Wire protocol and devices
 Hobby Boards (Now off line) Local Content

 Supplier of most of my 1-Wire Devices

Run by Eric Vickery, Hobby Boards had a wide range of components, kits and cases for 1-Wire. There is a dedicated Hobby Boards users / support forum on Cocoontech.
 Jon00 Web Site  Home Automation site which includes a very good description of the 1-Wire basics



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