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When I was putting my small 1-Wire network together, I used a number of devices designed and sold by Eric Vickery through his website. Eric came up with many neat designs for sensors based on the 1-wire protocol and his website was a great resource for 1-wire enthusiasts. Unfortunately, Eric decided to close down his site in 2016.

There is a dedicated Hobby Boards users / support forum on Cocoontech. A number of 1-wire users have expressed an interest in preserving the collateral from Eric's website and a number of options have been proposed. To provide another source for this valuable material, I plan on hosting a copy of the data on these pages.

User "Jason" has made a large number Hobby Boards files available on his ftp site, I am in the process of building a mirror on this page. I need to edit the web pages to remove the links to the defunct Hobby Boards site and many of the images are unavailable, but the technical content should be in tact.


Hobby Boards Products
1-Wire Hub Kit   6 Channel Hub How To 
6 Channel Hub Dimensions
6 Channel Hub v1.2 Parts and Construction
6 Channel Hub v1.2 Schematic
Mounted in case  Cases How To 
    AAG 1-Wire Station Assembly Instructions 
    Anemometer Controller Board User Manual 
    K2LMG Barometer Calibration Information 

"How To" Contents


9-pin Serial Adapter USB Adapter Version
Temperature Probe

DS1820 (TO-92 package)

Mounted in  Hobby Boards case




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