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HomeVision Pro - X10 Interface

X10 is a control protocol which allows domestic electrical wiring to carry control signals over the power line. This Wikipedia article provides a good explanation of the history and functionality of X10 control.

X10 is quite dated and whilst cheap, it does have some limitations that are not present in later technologies:-

  • Most devices only receive commands from the controller, they do not report status
  • The protocol is relatively slow
  • The protocol is susceptible to electrical "noise"
  • Commands can be "lost"
  • Lamp modules do not work with fluorescent or low energy lamps

So, why you would want to use it? - Because it is a low cost and widely used system for controlling domestic appliances. At some stage, I will upgrade my X10 modules to something more modern, but for now, they work fine.

A TTL to X10 interface is required to connect the control signals from the HomeVision Pro controller to the power line. The generic device is an XM10 - the model I use is a Powerhouse TW7223 (US Model TW523)




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