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The Memotech MTX Series


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Memofest 2019 was hosted by Andy Key in Chandlers Ford, Southampton on 12th October


See the announcement on Andy's site and the Memotech Forum

I was unable to attend in person - being in Yokohama for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, although I did manage to call in briefly using FaceTime. Andy gave me a brief overview of the event and a sneak preview of the cake - before it was revealed to the hungry hordes in the next room.

Memofest went much better than the Scotland vs. Japan game the following day - despite not being blown away by Typhoon Hagibis, which made landfall close to Yokohama, Scotland were blown away by the Japan rugby team, who progressed at Scotland's expense to the quarter finals of RWC19.

The following event report has been compiled from the details on Andy's page, with the majority of photos supplied by Claus.


Despite Martin, Paul and myself being unable to attend, there was a good turnout, with Tony, Mark, Jim, Claus, Mike, Bill, Stephen all turning up at Andy's place for the event.
As usual, Claus was the furthest travel and again produced his own t-shirt in honor of the occasion.

The design is based on the loading screen present in many Continental games for the MTX.
The obligatory cake was provided - this time based on Andy's HEX-TRAIN train driving game demoed at Memofest 2016.

Although I was given a sneak-preview before it was devoured by the attendees, I wasn't able to sample it - though I'm sure that it tasted as good as it looked from afar !
Andy's extensive range of original Memotech hardware was on show ...
As well as more modern hardware that could be used to run MEMU and REMEMOTECH
Hardware Developments - Andy
Andy demoed his new ROM board, shown opposite.

The board has many uses, including working like an original Memotech games ROM, holding copies of the NewWord and Pascal ROMs and even as a small, read-only, CP/M system. The companion COMtoROM program is used to convert CP/M .COM program into loadable images for the ROM board.

Andy generously gave a ROM board to each of the attendees - and also sent one to the remote FaceTime attendee (me!) - by post obviously:-)
Andy also announced REMEMOTECH r3

This has a daughter card, making full use of all GPIO ports on the Altera DE1. The daughter board provides ROM 2 support (8 subpages), centronics port, a better quality 2nd VGA port and port 7 support. In addition, there is now support for a subset of the DART, allowing communication over the serial port using programs like CONTACT.

Again, Andy has gifted daughter boards to existing REMEMOTECH users, including Martin and myself.
Andy demoed the latest version of his miniature VGA VideoWall

Keeping on topic, the display here is showing 4 separate images from Weird Science when Lisa first appears.
The original VideoWall software ran under CP/M on MTX or on a DOS PC. Since DOS PCs are something of a rarity these days, Andy has ported the DOS version to Linux which is shown here.

Andy's VGA VideoWall can therefore be controlled from original Memotech hardware, REMEMOTECH r3 or from a PC running Linux.
Hardware Developments - Bill
Bill demoed the latest version of his Raspberry Pi MTX - MEMU-Pi, this is a "bare metal" version of MEMU that uses the "Circle" bare-metal environment.

It includes support for the original Memotech SDX and CP/M ROMs as well as support for the CFX-II ROM and "tape" file support by loading .wav files.
Claus is curently porting the MSX Game "Exoide-Z" to MTX and as it is almost finished, it was used for the High-Score competition.

It should not come as too much of a surprise to discover that Claus won the competition - he was the only person to have played the game before !
Memotech Hospital
There were no patients requiring the attention of the MTX surgical team this year :-)




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