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The Memotech MTX Series


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Following the very successful Memofest event held in 2013, Memofest 2014 was held on the 20th September, hosted by Andy Key in Chandlers Ford, Southampton. As last year, I had hoped to be a "virtual" attendee using Skype, unfortunately, "technical difficulties" at the remote end meant that my participation was cut short, so my reporting of the event is very limited.

Andy has updated his Memofest 2014 page, where you can find a summary of the day's activities, but a small selection of photos from the day are available below :


Memofest 2014

Click on the images to open the full size photo
Andy kindly opened his home to the band of slightly suspect characters attending Memofest 2014.

No expense spent - the extensive event signage, directing attendees to the venue. Perhaps next year, we can get a working Videowall to point the way to Memofest 2015!

(Photo courtesy of Jim Wills, via Facebook)

The Usual Suspects, assembled at Andy's

Tony Butterfield, Andy Key, Mark Kinsley, Jim Wills, Claus Bękkel, Simon Clewley, Mike Rudkin, Vince Sethi is behind the camera.

(Photo courtesy of Jim Wills, via Facebook)


The star of the show was probably the Memotech themed cake, unfortunately, Skype's lack of "taste-o-vision" means that I am unable to attest to it's quality :-(


(Photo courtesy of Claus Baekkel, via Facebook)


(Photo courtesy of Jim Wills, via Facebook)




(Photo courtesy of Claus Baekkel, via Facebook)

New Software

Martin Allcorn had written a "text mode" Space Invaders variant, released at Memofest, called Memofest Invaders

Now available from the User Contributed programs page

Also included in Version 1.04 of the MAGROM Image

New Software

Bill Brendling had written a "crack the code" game in BASIC for SDX Single Disk systems, also runs under CP/M

Now available from the User Contributed programs page

New Game Conversion

Claus released a new MSX game conversion, SASA by Mass Tael.

Now available from the Downloads page







As a bit of fun, but really, to hopefully to stimulate a bout of frantic programming in advance of Memofest 2014, Martin and I have decided that we will donate a MAGROM board - see :

to the winner of a Memotech programming competition.

The competition rules (a little tongue in cheek, but the competition is real) can be found over on Memorum



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