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The Memotech MTX Series


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fest fix 2022 was hosted by Martin Allcorn in Hastings on 5th November


After the hiatus caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, a Memofest was scheduled for late 2022.

It was planned to be hosted by Martin in  Hastings (again) on the 5th November. Unfortunately, the UK rail unions chose this weekend to schedule industrial action and most trains were cancelled. Although the strikes were called off, this came too late in the day to allow the rail companies to resume their normal services, making it difficult for many people to travel and the number of attendees was much reduced.

A notable mention is due to Mark for his sterling effort to attend, involving a round trip drive of some 8 hours!

The only other person able to make the trip was Jim, though he did have something of a vested interest. He had persuaded Martin to take a look at some of his Memotech (and non-Memotech!) kit and try to get his large collection of faulty hardware working again.

Thanks to Jim, the "Memotech hospital" this year was bursting at the seams - so much so that Martin rechristened the event Memofix 2022!

You can read about the event on the Memotech Forum
Hardware Developments -
MFX - Martin did a brief demo of our latest MTX add-on, MFX, and upgraded the firmware on Jim's board to the latest version. Jim has obviously been happy with MFX as it is installed in his "fake" red MTX. (The machine itself is not actually one that was made for the Russian schools bid, but is a standard MTX board installed in one of the very few red aluminium cases produced for the bid.)

Mark must have been similarly impressed as he's ordered a MFX too.
In advance of the event, Claus released his latest game conversion - Fruit Panic, a platform game originally written for MSX. The game is available from the Downloads page or from Claus's site via the link on the Forum Page.

The game was used for the game high score contest - which Jim won (again), retaining ownership of the star prize - a copy of the Weird Science DVD.
Memotech Hospital
Details on the Memotech Forum




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