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The Memotech MTX Series

Memotech MTX Emulation


There are a number of emulators available which allow Memotech games and other software to run on more modern computers. Most software emulators require a copy of the original machine's ROMs which are not in the public domain. The MTX ROM images can be found on the ROMs page, strictly speaking, you should already own a copy of the ROMs, i.e., the corresponding Memotech MTX computer hardware, in order to legally download the ROMs, although some emulators distribute them inside the package and the original copyright holder is long since gone.


MEMU - The Best Emulator of a Memotech Computer


Andy's MemotechEMUlator



Please follow the link to Andy's site to download MEMU.


[ Most of my screen shots of games and other MTX software were done using MEMU ]







By Andy Key

MEMU is a fully featured emulation of MTX/FDX/SDX hardware and is undoubtedly the best emulator available, written and maintained by an ex-Memotech programmer and modern day MTX expert.

MEMU is very powerful and supports a host of command line options to optimise the running of the emulator, depending on the hardware being emulated or the software being used. A small penalty for this flexibility is that you need to specify the right command line options.

There is are a couple of solutions to this minor issue :

Bill Brendling's fork of MEMU

Bill has created pre-built binaries for Linux, Windows and Raspberry Pi (Raspbian and Bare metal versions)

Andy has released MEMU as Public Domain software, the source files are freely available on his website and users are free to modify it should they wish.

Bill Brendling has done a lot of work with MEMU that has been particularly useful for me, including modifications for my MTX-Pi project, a Raspberry Pi specific version MEMU-Pi and a Windows specific build of MEMU-Pi with CFX-II and Fuzix support.


MEMU Front Ends


MTX GameBase













Check that the GEMUS MEMU

 option points to the location

where you installed MEMU.

GameBase is essentially a database application which, in it's own words "is an emulator front-end and database utility. You can use it to catalogue, browse and play all of your favourite old games from the golden age of videogaming."

The latest version of GameBase is available from SourceForge or you can download the Version 1.3 Setup program from here.

Paul Daniels has created a "GameBase" database for Memotech which makes loading Memotech games easy - all of the required command line options are preconfigured in the MTX GameBase.

Paul has generously allowed me to make his efforts available for download here. The GameBase includes screenshots of most of the MTX software, often showing the required keys to control the game.

Version 0.3 (109MB)
(GameBase only)
04/07/2019 Version 0.3

Contains the MTX GameBase, including the games and application programs, and should be installed into your existing GameBase folder.

Also updated is this file which contains scans of the original tape covers which can be displayed from within the GameBase too. (This file is a 222MB .Zip download).

Version 0.2 (232MB)

(Includes all files)

The Version 0.2 download includes the games, application programs, tape covers etc., and is 232MB !

25/02/19 Error in script file fixed

Version 0.1

(GameBase only)

The Version 0.1 download includes only the GameBase database,  not the associated software & games. You need to download and install both the MEMU and Gamebase programs in order to use the Memotech GameBase database.

This file contains scans of a number of the original game tape covers which can be displayed from within the GameBase too. (This file is a 20MB .rar download).

MEMU Launcher

MEMU Launcher

Python is an open source, high level programming language, maintained by The Python Software Foundation (PSF). Available for a number of platforms, including Linux and Windows, it can be downloaded from the PSF website here.

Bill Brendling has created a "MEMU Launcher" in Python

A description of the options available using the Launcher, along with some specific notes for Microsoft Windows users, can be found on the Usage Notes page

Development of the Launcher is now finished, it supports all of the "standard" MEMU options, with the exception of the "advanced" options to create various diagnostic windows.

"Advanced" users are likely to prefer the command line for invoking those options anyway.

For the rest of us, Launcher provides a great "front end" for MEMU and saves having to use the powerful, but sometimes cryptic, command line options.


Example Windows config files

NB : You will need to edit the pathnames as required to suit your MEMU file locations.

Check the ROMs and Disks paths!

Run a game (.mtx) file

Just specify the "Run File", e.g., "ca.mtx"


Run CP/M interactively

Loads Andy's System disk as "A" and his Games disk as "C"


Place the config file(s) in the same location as the Python file


Alternative Emulators - but you should really be using MEMU!


Emulator for the Acorn RISC PC, written by Martin Allcorn, c.1999


The emulator can itself be run on these RISC OS emulators :-


  RPCemu and RiscOS 3.70 or 3.71, or

  Arculator and RiscOS 3.1 or 3.11

MTXemu Version 1

Discontinued but functional

The Zip file contains the Microsoft Windows binary and 12 games

It is here for completeness, but you should really be using MEMU!


Multi Emulator Super System 

Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator 


MESS was originally a tandem project to MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. In 2015, the two projects were merged and MESS was formally integrated into MAME Version 0.162.

Support for Memotech computers is included in MAME.


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