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The Commodore Amiga A1200


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Left hand side, showing the PCMCIA port

(Image from The Big Book of Aniga Hardware)

Right hand side, showing the 3.5" disk drive slot

(Image from The Big Book of Aniga Hardware)

Rear of the case, showing the I/O connectors

(Image from The Big Book of Aniga Hardware)

More details on the rear panel

2 Mouse/Gamepad ports (DE9)

Floppy disk drive port (DB-23F)

RS-232 serial port (DB-25M)

Centronics style parallel port (DB-25F)

Right/Left Audio out (2 RCA)

Analog RGB video out (DB-23M)

Composite video out (RCA)

RF audio/video out (RCA)

The A1200 internals.

Keyboard, top cover, floppy disk drive and the "Trapdoor" cover removed, showing the A1200 system board

(Image from Wikipedia)

Close up of the circuit board
Close up of the circuit board, with the key components identified.

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