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The Memotech MTX Series


Memotech Site - The Begging Letter .....

If you have read some of the Memotech related pages on this site, you will know how keen I am on these relics from the 1980s, hence the amount of time that I have put into this portion of the website.

Although relatively rare, the machines themselves, at least the MTX500 and MTX512, do pop up from time to time for sale on eBay. However, other items such as the RS128 and MTX512S2 machines, expansion cards, SDX/FDX disk systems as well as the optional ROMs are hardly ever seen these days.

If you have any old Memotech MTX related hardware that you'd be prepared to part with, please get in touch, even if its not working, I would certainly be interested in taking it off your hands to help you clear your loft space and save space in your local landfill site!

I will happily pay any shipping costs etc., if you are in a generous enough mood to donate the hardware free, but more realistically, would hope that we could agree a mutually acceptable price :-)

I realise that the chances of anything coming of this are slim, but I thought I'd try!

Wish List

Starting with, the Rarest of the Rare !

MTX512 in a red case Built for the Russian sales push, not sure that any still exist!
Norbit I/O System Built for the Russian sales push, not sure that any still exist!
HRX System Probably only existed as a prototype - unlikely to ever see one
HDX Disk system Probably only 1 or 2 were ever made - again, unlikely to be found

Less "Exotic" products that are still out there

1. RS128 Computer These items were "mainstream" products and whilst some are rarer than others, most should still be around, probably gathering dust in lofts throughout the country.


The ones that I have any chance of getting hold of, however slim, are listed in order of how much I want them! - This is probably also a measure of their relative rarity.


Items in grey are ones that I already have, though not necessarily working, but I would still welcome any additional examples, particularly working ones :-)

2. "Node Ring" ROM(s)
Memotech "Speculator"
NewWord ROM
3. MTX Power Supply
4. Add-on ROM board
5. Video Wall Components
SDX Disk System - "new"
MTX512S2 Computer
80 Column MTX board
SDX Disk System - "old"
RS-232 Interface board
FDX Disk System
Hi-Soft Pascal ROM
DMX80 Printer

Any other MTX related hardware


Getting any new hardware was a big ask, but, much to my surprise :-

  • Jan Seyfarth has given me a pristine DMX80

  • Gillian MacKenzie has donated an MTX512 owned by her late brother

  • Trevor has given me an empty MTX512 case in nice condition
  • Paul has given me NewWord and Pascal ROM boards

Thank you very much ! - Your donations are really appreciated


Apart from looking for any unwanted Memotech hardware, I am also hopeful that you may be able to provide a copy of any literature that I don't already have, for example, either of the MTX book by Spencer Bateson, a copy of The Source by Keith Hook, or anything else that you see that I don't have.

Thank you for looking



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