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The Memotech MTX Series

The Memotech Library

Published Information on the MTX Series

Code Snippets


This page contains snippets of Memotech program code extracted from various period magazines.

This information comes from long defunct publications and all of it is almost 30 years old. I don't imagine that the original copyright holders, if they are still around, are vaguely interested in these pages, but if anyone has issues with me making this information available, let me know and I will remove the offending item(s).

A word about quality : these extracts come from a range of sources and while all are easily readable, some have rather better quality than others. If you have better copies than I have posted here, if you send me a copy, I will update the site.


Memotech Code Snippets

Personal Computer News, Issue: 053, March 17 1984

MICROWAVES, "Memotech Verify Routine Is No Bug" by Dave Mansell

Explanation of "Verify" when saving programs with variables to tape

"Personal Computer News", issue 067, June 30 1984(+)

Reader question and answer on writing to VDP Registers

Personal Computer News, Issue 076, September 1 1984

MICROWAVES, "Array Amendments on the Memotech" by R. W. Sharples

Changing array variables without clearing other variables

Which Micro and Software Review, October 1984

"Byte Pack 1" - Add new commands to MTX BASIC

"OLD" - Recover from hitting the Reset Keys

"MERGE" - Merge a subroutine into the body of a program

Courtesy of Paul Daniels

  Which Micro and Software Review, November 1984

"Byte Pack 3" - Had a Memotech item, but I don't have it - can you help?

Which Micro and Software Review, December 1984

"Byte Pack 3" - Memotech BASIC line renumber program

Courtesy of Paul Daniels


Personal Computer World - All Memotech MTX Items

Taken from the PCW Index 1978-1989 - Can you provide any of the missing items?

  Programs - Old January 1985 Missing
  Programs - Screen Dump April 1986 Missing
  Programs - Memotech Tips May 1987 Missing
  TJ's Workshop - MTX Screendump July 1984 Missing
  TJ's Workshop - Function February 1985 Missing
Personal Computer World, October 1984 

TJ's Workshop - "Use of Joysticks with Memotech MTX"

Explains how to read joysticks from MTX BASIC and Assembler

Personal Computer World, June 1985  (scanned 13/11/2012)


TJ's Workshop - "Panel Expansion Utility" - submitted by The Memotech Owners Club

Dumps a hard copy of the Panel Display to the printer

Personal Computer World, August 1985  (scanned 13/11/2012)

TJ's Workshop - "Memotech Graphics Screendump" by Chris Amor

Dumps a copy of the Graphics Screen to the printer

Personal Computer World,  September 1985  (scanned 13/11/2012)

Program File - "Memotech MTX Database" by Dave England

An MTX Database program - can use tape or disk storage

(This listing contains some expressions that don't look like MTX BASIC, it looks like a page from another listing has been inserted in the middle of the MTX program.)

Personal Computer World, November 1985  (scanned 12/11/2012)

Program File - "Memotech Line Renumber" by J Waller

Renumber BASIC program lines

Personal Computer World, June 1986  (scanned 05/10/2012)

Program File -  "Memotech MTX Panel Fill Utility" by Terry Trotter

Adds a memory "Fill" command to the PANEL display, fills a block of memory with a user entered value.

Personal Computer World, September 1986  (scanned 1710/2012)

Program File - "Memotech MTX Panel Fill Amendments" by Harrie Winjands

Minor improvements to the MTX Panel Fill Utility

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