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The Memotech MTX Series

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MTX Series Component Technical Data

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As I have worked on my Memotech kit, I have gathered quite a lot of technical information such as component datasheets and manufacturer's data books. I have made them available via these pages as they may be useful for others and, given their age, some are not too easy to find.

The Menu also has a link to Memotech MTX Specific data - mainly some Technical Notes that I have written as I got to know more about the MTX computer.

One useful resource for very old technical data is the archives, from where much of the information here was sourced, other data can be found on the manufacturer's own websites (where they still exist), such as Texas Instruments, or academic sites such as Caltech where searches can reveal course lecture notes etc. that are often useful reading. A very good source for datasheets is the Datasheet Catalogue site. There are also various websites such as,,, these sites seem to be sales orientated, i.e., they direct you to current suppliers of the components - or components with a similar name, I find them quite annoying to use, but they can still be a useful source, even though it is often quite tedious to find what you're looking for.

Most of this information comes from long defunct publications, I don't imagine that the copyright holders, are vaguely interested in these pages, but if anyone has issues with me making this information available, let me know and I will remove the offending item(s).

A word about quality : these articles come from a range of sources and while all are easily readable, some have rather better quality than others. If you have better copies than I have posted here, if you send me a copy, I will update the site.

Links to other websites

Source Description A great document archive hosting a huge amount of legacy publications
Datasheet Catalogue Good datasheet search site
Texas Instruments Good source of datasheets for the TI SN74LS series used in the Memotech range


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