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The Memotech MTX Series

The Memotech Library

Technical Data for the MTX Series

Manufacturer's Data Books


As I have worked on my Memotech kit, I have gathered quite a lot of technical information such as component datasheets and manufacturer's data books. I have made them available via these pages as they may be useful for others and, given their age, some are not too easy to find.

My interest in this data relates to its use in the Memotech MTX series of computers and related hardware, so the most useful information dates from, say, between 1983 and 1987. This means that for me, the most useful data books are from that period and are almost certainly not the most current, if you are looking for up to date information, the publications here are likely not of use to you.

Most of this information comes from long defunct publications, I don't imagine that the copyright holders, are vaguely interested in these pages, but if anyone has issues with me making this information available, let me know and I will remove the offending item(s).


Manufacturer's Data Books

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Fujitsu, Memory Data Book, 1982

(276 Pages, 25 MB PDF)

Source :


Hitachi, IC Memories Data Book, March 1987

(644 Pages, 33 MB PDF)

Source :


Hitachi, DRAM Data Book, March 1991

(1274 Pages, 72 MB PDF)

Source :



Mostek, Microelectronic Data Book, 1984

(860 Pages, 34 MB PDF)

Source :


Motorola, Memory Data Book, 1984

(430 Pages, 17 MB PDF)

Source :


Mitsubishi, IC Memories Data Book, 1985

(466 Pages, 26 MB PDF)

Source :


Mitsubishi, IC Microprocessors and Peripheral Circuits Databook, 1985

(344 Pages, 20 MB PDF)

Source :


OKI Semiconductor, Memory Data Book, 1986

(472 Pages, 24 MB PDF)

Source :

Includes details of the RAM fitted to the Memotech MTX500 (M3732H or L) and MTX512 (M3764)

OKI Semiconductor, Memory Data Book, 1990

(800 Pages, 33 MB PDF)

Source : 


SGS, Z80 Microcomputer System, 1981

(86 Pages, 8MB PDF )

Source : somewhere on the www

SGS-Thomson, Memory Products Databook, 1988

(528 Pages,  28 MB PDF)

Source : somewhere on the www


SGS-Thomson, Z80 Microprocessor Family Databook, 1990

(242 Pages, 14 MB PDF)

Source : 


Texas Instruments, MOS Memory Data Book, 1984

(468 Pages, 15 MB PDF)

Source :


Toshiba, MOS Memory Data Book, 1983

(310 Pages, 13 MB PDF)

Source :


Zilog, Z80 Databook, (1978?)

(131 Pages, 13 MB PDF)

Source : somewhere on the www


Zilog, Component Data Book, 1982/83

(650 Pages, 45 MB PDF)

Source :  


Zilog, Component Data Book, 1985

(1056 Pages, 65 MB PDF)

Source :


Zilog, Volume I Databook, Microprocessors and Peripherals, 1992

(1328 Pages, 64 MB PDF)

Source :  




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