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The Memotech MTX Series

The Memotech Library

Technical Data for the MTX Series

Design Guides


As I have worked on my Memotech kit, I have gathered quite a lot of technical information such as component datasheets and manufacturer's data books. as well as various manufacturer's Design Guidelines which I have made available via these pages as they may be useful for others and, given their age, some are not too easy to find.

My interest in this data relates to its use in the Memotech MTX series of computers and related hardware, so the most useful information dates from, say, between 1983 and 1987. The manufacturer's Design Guidelines on this page mostly date from that period and are almost certainly not the most current, if you are looking for up to date information, the publications here are likely not of use to you.

Most of this information comes from obsolete publications, I don't imagine that the copyright holders, are vaguely interested in these pages, but if anyone has issues with me making this information available, let me know and I will remove the offending item(s).


Design Guidelines

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Fairchild Semiconductor, Comparison of MM74HC to 74LS, 74S and 74ALS Logic,

Application Note AN319, June 1983

(8 Pages, 240k PDF)

Source : Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor, Designing with TTL

Application Note AN363, June 1984

(4 Pages, 32k PDF)

Source : Fairchild Semiconductor

Mostek Z80 Processor Technical Manual, MK3880, Central Processing Unit

Microcomputer Components Data Book, 1979

(92 Pages, 3MB PDF)

Source :  

Mostek, Microcomputer Components, Z80 Designer's Guide, 1982

(492 Pages, 31 MB PDF)

Source :  

Mostek, Z80 Microcomputer Software, Programming Guide

Z80 Programming Manual, 1977

(302 Pages, 5 MB PDF)

Source : The Internet Archive

Motorola Semiconductor Products, Motorola MC6845 CRTC Simplifies Video Display Controllers

Application Note AN-851, 1981

(22 Pages, 9 MB PDF)

Source : The Internet Archive

Philips Semiconductors, HCT User's Guide, Integrated Circuits, IC06, November 1997

(46 Pages, 508k PDF)

Source : The internet

Texas Instruments, System 74 Designers Manual, 1973

(163 Pages, 25 MB PDF)

Source : The Internet Archive

Texas Instruments, The TTL Data Book For Design Engineers 2nd Edition, 1981

(835 Pages, 30 MB PDF)

Source :  

Texas Instruments, Video Display Processors - Programmer's Guide, 1984

Written for the TMS9118 Series, but also covers the predecessor TMS9918 Series (MTX VDP)

(72 Pages, 2 MB PDF)

Source : MSX Info pages

Texas Instruments, 9900, TMS9918A/TMS9928A/TMS9929A Video Display Processors, 1982

(104 Pages, 6 MB PDF)


Also see the TI Technical Note on Interfacing the PAL VDP to Composite and RGB monitors

TTL Cookbook, by Don Lancaster, Published by SAMS

(340 Pages, 12 MB PDF)

Source, University of California, Berkeley ftp site

Yamaha. V9938 MSX-Video Technical Data Book, 1985

(161 Pages, 24 MB PDF)


Yamaha. V9938 MSX-Video Technical Data Book, 1985

(170 Pages, 7 MB PDF) - Searchable

Source :

Yamaha. V9938 MSX-Video Technical Data Book, Programmer's Guide, 1985

(108 Pages, 2 MB PDF)

Source: Searchable PDF created by Eugeny Brychlov, 2010

Yamaha. V9938 MSX-Video Technical Data Book, Programmer's Guide, 1985

(108 Pages, 2 MB PDF)

Source: Searchable PDF created by Eugeny Brychlov, 2010-2015 (Updated)

Yamaha. V9958 MSX-Video Technical Data Book, 1988

(35 Pages, 1 MB PDF)

This document should be read in conjunction with the V9938 Data Book


Zilog, Z80 Technical Manual, 1976

(78 Pages, 5MB PDF)

Source :

Zilog, Z80 Assembly Language Programming Manual, 1977

(305 Pages, 98MB PDF)

Source :

Zilog, The Z80 Family, Program Interrupt Structure, 1978

(34 Pages, 1MB PDF)

Also available in a searchable PDF format, by Mario Blunk.

Source :

Zilog, Z80 Family CPU User Manual,

UM008005-0205, 02/05

(308 Pages, 1 MB PDF)

Source : somewhere on the web, I forget where!



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