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The Memotech MTX Series

The Memotech Library

Published Information on the MTX Series



This page contains a few miscellaneous items that, whilst not all of them are specific to Memotech computers, I think are useful references for MTX users.

This information comes from long defunct publications and all of it is almost 30 years old. I don't imagine that the original copyright holders, if they are still around, are vaguely interested in these pages, but if anyone has issues with me making this information available, let me know and I will remove the offending article(s).

A word about quality : these articles come from a range of sources and while all are easily readable, some have rather better quality than others. If you have better copies than I have posted here, if you send me a copy, I will update the site.


Memotech Related Articles - not specifically about the MTX

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"ZX Computing" from August 1984

Review of the Morwood Data Recorder, this was branded by Memotech and sold for the MTX computer.

Downloaded from

"Your Computer" from December 1984  (scanned 31/10/2012)

"Buyer's Guide" to Monitors

Not specific to Memotech, in fact, the MTX does not even rate a mention, but it does contain some relevant information about using monitors with 1980s vintage micros. (ds)

Memotech HRX Multimedia PC

A couple of snippets from a Danish computer magazine, "Alt om Data" with a report from the 1984 "Personal Computer World" computer show at Earls Court. The magazine includes two references to the HRX, along with possibly the only photo of an (the only?) HRX still in the public domain.

PDF and English translation Courtesy of Claus Baekkel

Article on Video Processing from Computers & Electronics Magazine, November 1984

Includes some details of the Memotech HRX System with comments from Richard Govatski, Vice President of Memotech Corp. Also has a small, but colour, photo of an HRX with an attached HDX.

Downloaded from

Memotech Video Walls

"Lighting & Sound International", Issue 19, July 1987.

This article is about the refurbishment of the Hammersmith Palais in 1987 to create Le Palais and discusses the installation of 2, 5x5 screen Cameron (Memotech) Video Walls, commenting "Like all new venues these days, a Video Wall seems to be a necessity". (ds)

A view of the front of the building, from the same issue of the magazine.

"Lighting & Sound International", Issue 31, July 1988.

This article is about the equipment installed in Zhivgaos, a new nightclub in Darlington, UK. Only mentioned briefly, the installation included 2, 2x2 screen Cameron (Memotech) Video Walls as the centrepiece between 28 single monitors, you can just make out the Video Wall displays in one of the photos. (ds)

"Lighting & Sound International", Issue 50, February 1990.

A news item from L+SI, reporting that Memotech had appointed a number of new distributors, I think that their partnership with Cameron Video Systems, to exclusively market the Video Wall, must have ended at this point. This was as a result of Memotech's desire to have their own brand on the product and for not getting credit for placing the product in many great locations worldwide.

Geoff Boyd takes full responsibility for this decision, but with hindsight, now sees the severing of the exclusive relationship with Cameron as a vanity that did not serve the long term future of the business well.

"Lighting & Sound International", Issue 52, April 1990.

This article is about the sound & lighting upgrades to the Hammersmith Palais in 1990 and discusses the Memotech Video Wall, creating a single 10x5 screen wall - then the largest club Video Wall in the UK.

It's gone now of course, the Palais was condemned in 2007 and demolished in 2012. (ds)

"Lighting & Sound International", Issue 52, April 1990.

Also in this edition was a two page article about "Dukes Experience" nightclub in Chelmsford which included a "massive 6x6 Cameron  Videowall", which was unfortunately obscured by a lighting rig.

(This article was spotted by Colin Mitchell, ex. Cameron & Memotech Videowall Sales Engineer)

"Lighting & Sound International", Issue 54, June 1990.

A small item in the "Disco & Club Scene" pages, mentioning the 2x2 Memotech Video Wall installed in the Masquerade nightclub, at The Point leisure complex , Bracknell, UK - closed now, as it lost its license+  !

+If you have not heard of the town, The Alternative Guide to Bracknell has some humorous words that might help you understand why - speaking of today's Point, it reports "here, under one roof, one can find a Bowling Alley, a ten screen cinema, two nightclubs ('Stabbings' and 'Toxins'), and a casualty unit. Thus, it is possible to go bowling, see the latest film, get stabbed, and have a blood transfusion all in the same evening. This is a popular pastime with the youth of Bracknell."

"Lighting & Sound International", Issue 64, April 1991.

A small item from the "News" pages that gives a brief summary of the Quadroscope display in the Natural History Museum.

"Educational lmagery The recently opened Ecology section of the Natural History Museum boasts many innovative and interesting exhibits. The most impressive attraction must be the huge Quadroscope occupying one complete wall of the room which is configured with 20 Barco 32" monitors in a videowall format of 4x5, making the shape almost square. The videowall is surrounded by Light Boxes depicting the earth's life Cycle. The giant Quadroscopc employs standard Memotech videowall electronics, the software having been completed at Memotech's development facility on an IBM PC which was then down loaded onto Rom in a MTX computer. The system can precisely control laser disc players, light boxes and other peripherals."

"Lighting & Sound International", Issue 75, March 1992.

A news item from L+SI, reporting that Memotech had appointed a new Italian distributor - Videosel International srl.

The first collaboration was to be at the SIB '92 exhibition in Rimini. The photo is of Chris Vlassopulos of Memotech with Mario Radice from Videosel taken from L&SI's report form the Rimini show in the April edition.

"Lighting & Sound International", Issue 76, April 1992.

Two news items from L+SI, reporting installation of Memotech Video Walls in :-

"Lighting & Sound International", Issue 77, May 1992.

A news item from L+SI, reporting that Memotech had just installed a Video Wall Show Controller for Nuclear Electric (now EDF) in the visitor's centre at Oldbury Power Station.  Oldbury was the first operating nuclear power station in the world, opening in 1967, it operated a pair of Magnox reactors, the reactors were decommissioned in 2012.

Public tours of the station were stopped after the events of 9/11 and the visitor centre finally closed in 2006.

"Lighting & Sound International", Issue 81, September 1992.

A news item from L+SI, reporting that Memotech would release three new Video Wall products at the Light & Sound show to be held at Earl's Court that month.

- Memotech had cunningly located their stand just next to the bar!

Third Part Video Wall Interfaces

"Lighting & Sound International", Issue 27, March 1988.

A news item from L+SI, reporting release of the ALS Enigma lighting controller - which could subsequently be used to control Memotech Video Walls through the Memotech Reflex Controller.

The feature on the upgrade of the Hammersmith Palais in Issue 52 of "Lighting & Sound International", described how the Video Wall would be controlled via an Advanced Lighting Systems (ALS) Enigma controller over RS232 communications with a Memotech Reflex Controller.

This advert for an ALS Enigma lighting controller appeared in Issue 46 of "Lighting Sound International" from October the previous year.

An earlier ALS Enigma advert, from Issue 36, December 1988, showing a slightly bigger view of the keyboard.

Memotech Related Material

Copy of the original invoice for my MTX512S2, SDX disk drive with 512k Silicon Disk and CP/M, dating the machine to December 1986.

(Courtesy of Diarmid Gibson, personal data removed)

Copy of the original Dispatch Note for my MTX512S2, SDX disk drive with 512k Silicon Disk and CP/M, dating the machine to December 1986. The Dispatch Note shows that the machine was ordered through Syntaxsoft, who were invoiced for the system, and delivered direct to the customer

(Courtesy of Diarmid Gibson, personal data removed)




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