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December 2020

  • For all you budding MTX programmers out there, Martin has produced an updated version of "The Source" - originally written by Keith Hook as a guide to programming the MTX in assembly language. Martin's version is updated to include modern MTX add-ons, including MAGROM and CFX. Download available on my MTX Manuals page


November 2020

  • Bjørn-Tore Boberg has sent me photos of his newly acquired MTX512 with a Norwegian keyboard & ROM
  • Bill Brendling has developed a fantastic FTP Daemon for Martin's NFX hardware - see here for details
    • With NFX hardware and FTP, the MTX is now really at home on my network!


October 2020

  • Bill Brendling has created a FTP server for the NFX hardware. The Server makes transferring files much easier, allowing the use of FTP clients such as FileZilla and CoreFTP. (FileZilla is available for Windows, Linux and MACOS, CoreFTP is available for Windows only)


September 2020

  • Bill Brendling has made some significant enhancements to Andy's NFX.COM program for the NFX hardware. The program now supports directory listing and allows the network parameters to be set from a configuration file.


August 2020

  • Martin has sent me one of his NFX prototypes to experiment with - thanks a lot Martin!


July 2020

  • Not really "news", but I thought that I'd take this opportunity to post a reminder about my PC Keyboard interface
    • Designed in conjunction with Bill Brendling and Martin Allcorn, it's a small interface that fits inside the MTX case and provides the ability to use a PC USB or PS/2 keyboard with your MTX. If you do much typing on your MTX and your original keyboard suffers from sticky or bouncing keys, this makes the MTX much more useable. I'm surprised that it has not been more popular than it has.
  • Bill Brendling has provided an update to his fork of MEMU with a couple of minor "fixes"
  • Bill has also made a "tape" (.mtx) version of his Scroll Lock mode driver for the PC Keyboard interface
  • Added a copy of the Personal Computer World review of the RS128 from October 1984
  • Added a copy of the PCW "TJ's Workshop" article on MTX Joystick use from October 1984


June 2020

  • Arpad Virag has just shared more scanned copies of Memotech User Group magazines - thanks Arpad!
  • Jim Wills (Megastar Games) is making efforts to port DownStream Danger to modern hardware. As part of that process, Martin Allcorn has been able to recreate a full map of the game levels, as well as 20 levels from Rolla Bearing. Jim has agreed that the results can be posted here (but see the restrictions on re-use on the page.)
  • During this exercise, corruption in the original map file for Rolla Bearing was discovered. Rolla Bearing is included in the MAGROM image, a patched image can be downloaded to replace the current MAGROM ROM image.


May 2020

  • Lots of new updates from Bill Brendling :
    • Updated (200510) version of his Z80 Assembler written in Python
    • Updated (200510) version of his fork of MEMU with CFX/CFX-II support etc.
    • Updated (200510) version of the Propeller code and Z80 ROM for CFX-II
    • Along with a comprehensive description of the Video Modes available in 80 Column CFX-II BASIC


April 2020

  • Nothing to report


March 2020

  • Nothing to report


February 2020

  • Nothing to report


January 2020

  • Added a copy of the 1988 Texas Instruments, TTL Logic Data Book to the Technical Library
  • Posted an audio file of Maxima (Courtesy of Lars Muldjord)


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