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December 2019


November 2019

  • Bill Brendling has created pre-built binaries for his fork of MEMU. Bill has also created a help page which describes the various builds for Linux, Windows and Raspberry Pi (Raspbian and Bare Metal versions). See here for details.
  • Uploaded various Memotech documents provided by Claus Baekkel, including . . .


October 2019


September 2019

  • Arpad Virag has just sent me scanned copies of Volume 1, Issues 2 & 3 from the Memotech Owner's Club magazine, they are now available to download from the Memotech Owner's Club download page.
  • The FDX system previously used by the Memotech Owner's Club was sold on ebay in July. Along with the system, the auction included a lot of software and documentation, much of which had been missing from my Memotech archive. The new owner, Arpad Virag, has kindly agreed to share much of this material with the group and has just sent me a scanned copy of Memopad Volume 00II, Issues 3&4 which is now available on the Memotech User's Group download page. 


August 2019

  • Memofest 2019 has been confirmed for Saturday 12th October at Andy's place (Southampton,UK)
  • Norman Lambert has kindly sent me the Pascal ROMPAK that was used with the MTX that he sent me in 2017.
  • Paul Daniels has updated his GameBase for Memotech, download available here (thanks Paul)


July 2019

  • The FDX system that was used by the Memotech Owner's Club was sold on eBay this month, along with the MOC software library containing some previously lost titles and miscellaneous club technical documents.
  • Memofest 2019 will be hosted by Andy Key in Southampton, see the announcement on Andy's site
  • Bill Brendling has released an updated version of his Python script for assembling Z80 code. The main improvement is to the handling of M80 code. The Assembler will now build the SDX ROM from the code on Andy's site.
  • Bill has also compiled a modified version of MEMU for Windows, it includes CFX-II emulation, as well as the ability to run Alan Cox's Fuzix (a lightweight version of the Unix System V kernel).


June 2019

  • Bill Brendling has released a Python script for assembling Z80 code. As well as supporting Microsoft M80 and Bill's own ZASM assembler, it also supports Martin's "home brew" assembler, allowing Martin's code to be compiled by users who don't use RISCOS.
  • Bill Brendling has released an updated version of his Bare Metal version of MEMU for Raspberry Pi
  • Posted a copy of the MTX Communications Manual on the Manuals Page (Courtesy of Stephen Usher)


May 2019

  • Bill Brendling has released an updated version of his Bare Metal version of MEMU for Raspberry Pi
  • An incompatibility between CFX and the original RS-232/FDX Interface board has come to light. As with REMEMOrizer, the FDX interface must be disabled to allow CFX to work when installed in a machine with an RS-232 board fitted. Martin has generated new GAL firmware that can be loaded into a GAL16V8 and used to replace the Lattice PAL on the RS-232 board. The source and binary files are available on the CFX page. If you cannot program a new GAL yourself, please contact me if you need CFX to operate in tandem with the RS-232 interface board.
  • Martin has completed his System Diagnostic Cartridge (SDC) prototype, it has lots of nice features, including a built-in hex editor and disassembler. You can read about it here


April 2019

  • Martin has been working on a plug in board to help diagnose MTX boot problems, we have called it the MTX System Diagnostic Cartridge (SDC). You can read about it here


March 2019

  • Paul Daniels has updated his Memotech Software Catalogue - it's available on my Software Wanted page
  • Bill Brendling has just released a bare metal version of MEMU-PI. Just copy the contents of the Zip file to a FAT formatted SD card and you are able to boot straight into MEMU without needing to do any compilation or configuration.


February 2019

  • It's been a while . . . . .
  • Apologies for the lack of updates, things have been pretty busy here - with no Memotech news to report
  • Still, I'm back on the case now - more updates soon (ish!), including a new "pet" project from Martin
  • Posted a copy of the long missing Composer by Xaviersine (Courtesy of Bill Brendling)
  • Converted Paul Daniels' MTX Gamebase V0.2 to .Zip from .7z as my ISP now blocks .7z files


January 2019

  • Nothing to report


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