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The Memotech MTX Series

     Memotech Software Catalogue - Missing Items       


I would like to collect and make available all of the software that was written for the Memotech MTX, however, there are a number of titles that I am missing. If you can provide a copy of any of the software listed on this page, or indeed, any others that I may even be unaware of, please get in touch.

I compiled the table below based on what I believe to be software titles that were actually published (rather than various items of vapour ware). Subsequently, Paul Daniels has done a much more detailed investigation of the potential MTX software catalogue and developed a spreadsheet to record his results, the spreadsheet identifies a much larger collection of "missing" software titles, again, if you have any of these, please get in touch.

Download Paul's Excel Spreadsheet

(as a zip file)

Last Update : March 2019



Name Publisher Comments
Bridge ?  
Castle Blackstar ?  
Charmkatz Solway Software  
Cribbage ?  
Dark Tower Solway Software  
Gauntlet Continental Software  
London Adventure ?  
Poker Continental Software  
Red Moon Level 9 Computing  
Tumbledown Town ?  


26x26 Spreadsheet SyntaxSoft  
Brunning DataFile Brunning Software  
Brunning NewOrg Brunning Software  
BrunSpell Brunning Software  
FKey Definer (Function Keys) Membrain Software  
Graphic (Graphics & Sprite designer) Continental  
Hi-Soft Pascal Hi-Soft ROM Only?
Memotext SyntaxSoft  
Metro Scisoft  
Fig Forth Memotech Owner's Club  
Electricity Scisoft  
Heli-Maths Kerian Software / Sentient Distribution  
Resistors Scisoft  
Sales Ledger Memotech  
SDX Utilities SyntaxSoft  
Sound Scisoft  
Spelli-Copter Kerian Software / Sentient Distribution  
Spooler Membrain Software  
Titration Scisoft  
User Extend Membrain Software  
Volcano Scisoft  
Original Tapes Wanted

The entries marked "Colour Inlay" signifies that I have a copy of the cheap Syntax Software tape, many of the ones marked may never actually have had a colour version, but there are a number that did have an original tape with colour artwork before Syntax Software released a "budget" copy. It's these ones that I am looking for.

I also think that a number of others may never have been formally distributed - examples are some of the SciSoft educational releases that I think were being developed for the Russian sales bid and may never have been a product for the UK market.


Utility / Business
26x26 Spreadsheet Syntax Soft  
Basic Business Memotech  
Brunword Brunning Software  
Brunning Data File Brunning Software  
Brunning NewOrg Brunning Software  
Brunspell Brunning Software  
Composer Xaviersine  
(Micro) Canvas Sentient Software  
EdAsm - Z80 Macro Assembler SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Fig Forth MOC  
FKey Definer Membrain Software  
Graphic Continental Software  
H&L Dump Membrain Software  
Home Accounts SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Memosketch SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Memotext SyntaxSoft  
Memotech F.I.G. Forth SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
MTX-Basic Extensions Sentient Software  
PaintBox Scisoft and/or SyntaxSoft  
Payroll  Memotech  
Purchase Ledger Continental Software  
Sales Ledger Continental Software  
SDX Utilities SyntaxSoft  
Spooler Membrain Software  
Supa Coder SyntaxSoft  
Utility  Tricom Software  
User Basic Toolkit SyntaxSoft  
User Extend Membrain Software  
Angle Estimator Scisoft  
Assembly Language Course ?  
Cesil Interpreter SyntaxSoft  
Chromatography Simulation Scisoft  
Electrical Programs Scisoft  

First Letters

Fractions Scisoft  
Glass Designer Scisoft  
Heli-Maths Kerian Software / Sentient Distribution  
Life (The game of life) Scisoft  
Maths-1 Continental Software  
Network (Node Ring Introduction) Scisoft  
Number Line Scisoft  
Pendulum Simulation Scisoft  
Percentages Scisoft  
Physics-1 Continental Software  
Refraction Scisoft  
Spelli-Copter  Kerian Software / Sentient Distribution  
Symmetry Scisoft  
Wood Simulation Scisoft  
3D Tachyon Fighter Continental Software  
Adventure Quest Level 9 Computing Colour inlay
Agrovator SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Angle Ball Mastertronic  
Arcazion SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Astromilon Continental Software  
Blitz Tricom Software  
Boris and the Bats Tricom Software  
Bouncing Bill SyntaxSoft  
Business Game Scisoft  
Charmkatz Solway Software  
Cobra Xaviersine  
Colossal Adventure Level 9 Computing Colour inlay
Combat SyntaxSoft  
Contract Bridge II Continental Software  
Cribbage ?  
Doodelbug Destroyers SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Dragon's Ring ?  
Duckybod ?  
Emerald Isle Level 9 Computing  
Firehouse Freddie DGC / Oxford Data  
Flummox SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Football Manager SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Formula 1 Simulator Mastertronic Colour inlay
Fruit Machine SyntaxSoft  
Gauntlet Continental Software  
Ghostly Castle SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Hunchy SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Iceburg SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Icicle Works Statesoft  
Jetbikes N Johnson and MLI  
Landmines Lightbulb Software Developments  
Les Flics PSS Software  
Life the Universe and Everything Tricom Software  
Little Devils SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
London Adventure ?  
Manic Miner Software Projects  
Marbles ?  
Maxima SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Missile Kommand SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Mission Omega SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Ms Snapman ZX-Africa  
Munch Mania B.C.C.  
Nemo Continental Software  
Pac Man Rescue ?  
Poker Continental Software  
Pontoon MOC Submission ?  
Pontoon and Blackjack Continental Software  
Qogo Megastar Games  
Quantum SyntaxSoft  
Quest One Megastar Games  
Reveal MOC  
Revenge of the Chamberoids Megastar Games  
Reversi Continental Software  
Salty Sam SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Slither  Plasmasoft  
SMG II Megastar Games  
Soldier Sam Liam Redmond Software  
Super Bike SyntaxSoft Colour inlay
Target Zone SyntaxSoft  
The Key to Time Kerian Software / Sentient Distribution  
The Man from Granny Vectis Software / Syntax Soft  
The St. Petersburg Ikon R.D. Foord Software  
The Worm in Paradise Level 9 Computing  
Theseus and the Labyrinth Tricom Software  
Time Bandits Syntax Soft / PSS  
Time Bomb ?  
TNT Tim ?  
Tumbledown Town ?  
Vortex ?  



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