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The Memotech MTX Series

Memotech Software Development Tools

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MTX User Written Assemblers


ZASM - Z80 Opcode Assembler

Runs under CP/M

"ZASM is a fairly basic assembler for Z80 opcodes, along the lines of the ASM assembler for 8080 opcodes.

It takes a source file in Z80 code, and assembles it to an Intel hex file, which can then either be converted to an executable using the CP/M LOAD command, or blown to an EPROM."



Bill Brendling

User Manual

Z80 Assembler  (For RISCOS)

(Follow the link for more detailed information on Martin's assembler)
"Written in BBC basic for the 20 year old Acorn RiscPC running RiscOS 4.

It ought to work on the Raspberry Pi running RiscOS 5 as well, though the "Wimpslot" may need increasing. The file should be readable in both ArcFS and SparkFS it won't open in windows as it's not a PC ZIP file."



Martin Allcorn


Updated Version (v0.09 May 2021)

Rewritten in ARM assembly language, resulting in a 10 fold increase in the compilation speed.



Martin Allcorn

Z80 Assembler (Using Python)

Version 220807
To allow users that don't run RISCOS to compile Martin's source files, Bill Brendling has written a Python tool that will compile Martin's code under Windows and Linux.
The tool also compiles code written in Microsoft M80 or Bill's own ZASM.

Updated version of Bill Brendling's Python assembly tool

Key enhancements are:
  Support for the following new pseudo-ops from Martin's latest assembler: BORG, INSERT, NAMEX, ZERO.
  Emulation of the simple left to right expression evaluator of the ARM assembler
   Accepting CMP as a synonym for CP
  Reproduction of the closing quote bugs

Bill Brendling

User Manual
Modeled on the Memotech MTX Computer Crib Card, Paul Daniels has produced a "Developers Edition" lots of useful info for developers, including the RST10 call, VDP and sound registers etc.

Currently at Version 0.1, Paul would welcome your comments over on Memorum.
Paul Daniels


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  • EXEROM - MSX Games ROM Loader for Memotech Computers


  • Z-Machine - Run Infocom Text Adventures on an MTX




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