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The Memotech MTX Series


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The Facebook Memotech MTX500 Group is a very active group for users of the Memotech MTX range of computers. Over the past few months, there have been many interesting technical posts in this group which would have been better posted to user forum, such as Memorum, rather than a Facebook group. This would have allowed better filing, archiving and particularly, searching of these old posts. If you want to retrieve something from a Facebook Group, you need to keep scrolling to the bottom of the web page, selecting "older posts" and/or "View more comments" until you either find what you are looking for or give up!

I was becoming increasingly frustrated by having to wade through pages and pages of older posts to find something that I knew had been posted and I wanted to retrieve. I did some "Googling" on this subject and did not find an ideal solution to the problem, however, I did find something that gives me the ability to retrieve all posts and comments into a single HTML file that can be searched.

I found this post that describes how to use node.js and the Facebook Graph API Explorer to do what I wanted.


File Function Source

Dump Facebook Group posts & comments
  • Install node.js on your PC
  • Go the the Graph API Explorer
  • Get an Access Token for User Groups
    • (The code is time limited, just get a new one as needed)
  • You can get "me/groups" for a list of your groups
  • (If you just want to do the MTX group, it is 2443017753)
  • Download the fbgrpdmp.js file (select the Zip file icon)
  • Edit it to include your Access Token
  • Open a command prompt in the directory where the .js file is
  • Enter "npm install fbgraph"
  • Enter "node fbgrpdmp.js 2443017753"

An HTML file will be created containing all posts and comments

by Dave Stevenson

(code author

Shaman AlicanC)





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