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The Memotech MTX Series

Memotech Software Development

Small Device C Compiler


During Memofest 2015, Andy Key demonstrated his library of assembler routines to control the MTX VDP and sound chip, the routines are callable from C which should make writing programs for the MTX a little easier, with only the speed critical parts of the code using assembly language.  Andy had designed the libraries for integration with SDCC - the Small Device C Complier.

SDCC is released under a GPL license and is currently hosted on SourceForge, where it is described as "a retargettable, optimizing ANSI - C compiler suite that targets [various] microprocessors [, including the ] Zilog Z80."

The purpose of this page to to share SDCC resources that may be useful for developers using "C" for the MTX series


SDCC Resources

  Title / Description

Publisher / Link

Small Device C Complier

SDCC on SourceForge

Although C is a relatively low level language, it does not, in itself, interface directly with the target hardware. In order to target particular hardware, such as the MTX computer, hardware specific functions must be coded at the machine language/assembler level that the programmer can call from within C.

Back in the day, C compilers such as Small C, Aztec C, etc. were supported by their own suites of C functions. Text editors were used to create the C source code and the C compiler and linker used to generate an executable object file - the program.

Most programmers today use fancy Windows based Integrated Development Environments (IDE) to provide a user friendly front end to the complier.

To make SDCC more useable for MTX users means that someone first needs to do the ground work to build a library of MTX function calls and, ideally, identify other programming support tools.
Link Description Author
MTXLib Bill Brendling has taken the trouble to provide these tools for prospective MTX C programmers. If you decide to take advantage of this work, please feed any comments back to Bill on the Memotech Forum Bill Brendling





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