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The Memotech MTX Series

Memotech Software Development


Bill Brendling's MTXLib C Library



In June 2022, a request was made on the Memotech Forum for someone to help

  • create a library of C callable routines for writing programs for the Memotech MTX, with
  • the ability to develop MTX programs without having to make extensive use of the command line and make files

Bill Brendling took up the challenge and created his MTXLib library of functions for SDCC and provided useful guidance on how to use it with a modern Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The thread on Memorum describes how to install the required components and get started using Bill's C library, you can post requests for help there - Bill is usually very quick to respond and helpful. Eventually, Bill will be posting his MTXLib(rary) to GitHub, but in the meantime (and going forward too), with Bill's permission, I have posted the library here.   


Prerequisite Web Link Comments
Python Python is only used to convert the Intel Hex files produced by SDCC into MTX RUN files.
(No user python programming is required.)
SDCC Small Device C Compiler
Code::Blocks Open Source Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Install all of the above, then download and unzip along with the MEMU version here and the Demo project.
Zip Version Comments
220723 Updated release, adding:
      Routines for disk file handling
      Routines for direct access to the VDP memory and registers
      Routines for handling CTC and VDP interrupts

For ease of maintenance, the Library, an updated version of MEMU and the sample project have been split into separate files.
220723 The Demo Project
220723 Updated version of MEMU - corrects initialisation of disk system when loading RUN files - required for running the demo project
r2a Revision 2, includes bug fix to pause() function and an updated build of MEMU that corrects some timing errors

Instructions for using Code::Blocks to build MTX programs are in file "MTX_Projects\MTXLib\docs\codeblocks.html" 







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