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December 2015

  • Paul has released Version 0.3 of his Assembler environment for developing for MTX under Windows
  • Stocks of MAGROM are now almost exhausted - I have one left that won't go on eBay
  • There has been limited interest from the MTX community in CFX, they will now go on eBay
  • Progress on MTX-Pi has been a bit slow, trivial connector problems, but it should be finished soon
  • Posted some information about the Video Wall that Memotech installed in Oman in 1992
  • Martin has generously donated an assembled 6502 Co-Processor board for MTXPlus+
  • On the subject of MTXPlus+, following a bit of a drastic step, some improvement made to system stability

November 2015

  • Paul Daniels is working on an Assembler environment for developing for MTX under Windows, why not download it, give it a go, and feedback any comments to Paul on Memorum?
  • At long last, I have been able to make time to revisit MTXPlus+, no real progress, but fixed a "keyboard" fault
  • It is taking me longer than I expected to tidy up a few of the ad-hoc hardware mods and code edits that I put in place when I first started trying to cure the issues with running the VDP above MHz - I'm getting there though.
  • Yet another distraction . . . .  MTX-Pi is making progress
  • The Source (an MTX Assembly Language Helper) is still not available as a free download, read its current status here.

October 2015

  • The CFX Operator's Manual has been updated to Version 1.1 to align with Firmware Build 144
  • A Firmware update (Build 144) for CFX is available from the CFX page
  • Paul Daniels hosted Memofest 2015 at his home in Cheshire on the 17th October
  • Claus released a new MSX game conversion at Memofest 2015 - O'Mac Farmer - available on the Downloads page
  • A very brief CFX Operator's Manual is now available from the CFX page
  • A Firmware update (Build 132) for CFX is available from the CFX page
  • Another month passes - not much to report, well, apart from the fact that I have picked up another Video Wall system ! Yes, I know, the last thing that I need is another unfinished project but it was too good an opportunity to miss. This one included one of the "fabled" MTX 2000 computers, it is very much like the Reflex Controller in my other Video Wall equipment, but includes a 3.5" disk drive and requires the Video Wall software to be loaded from disk (which I don't have). This system was installed in a flight case, making it portable - or rather, luggable!
  • A quick look at the Frame Store boards in the DDFS indicates that this is a High Resolution model - the boards have 64kbit RAMs, rather then the 16kbit RAMs installed in my other DDFS. The system is set-up for a 4x4 Video Wall.
  • CFX should be available to buy in a couple of weeks, there are a couple of devices with other users for testing and the plan is to demo it at Memofest 2015, after which, it will become generally available - if there is any interest of course.
  • After an extended break - I am now back on to MTXPlus+, more news on that soon(ish!).

September 2015

  • OK - so I lied! Apologies, I have not been as active on the MTX front as I would have liked, and I am just about to go on holiday (25th September) for a week. I will make a determined effort to get back to normal after that.
  • In the meantime though, the first batch of CFXs have been produced, there still needs to be a little more testing, but they should be generally available when I get back from holiday.
  • Modeled on the Memotech MTX Computer Crib Card, Paul Daniels has produced a "Developers Edition" with lots of useful info for developers, including the RST10 call, VDP and sound registers etc. Currently at Version 0.1, Paul would welcome your comments over on Memorum.
  • By popular request (OK, there was 1), I have created a "Developer's Corner", a place to store tricks & tips for programming the MTX range. Please share your neat tricks (send me an e-mail) and I will post them here. Don't all rush at once - I only have a few gig free in my mailbox :-)

August 2015

  • Memofest 2015 is being hosted by Paul Daniels at his home in South Cheshire, currently scheduled for 17th/18th of October. Details are sketchy at the moment, but if you would like to attend and/or have any suggestions for activities during the event, check out this thread on Memorum (The Memotech Forum).
  • Apologies, things have been very quiet here over the last few months - things should be getting back on track soon though and normal service will be resumed shortly :-)
  • One exciting new development to report though - Martin Allcorn has designed a low cost, Compact Flash based, "disk drive" for the MTX - more details soon - see the CFX Project page for more info.
  • The MTX eBay sales page had become far too large, I have now reduced the list of items displayed on the page to the last year or so, other items have been archived by year, available via links from the "current" page.

July 2015

June 2015

  • Posted a couple of "new" documents to the Design Guides page in the Technical Library
    • Philips Semiconductor HCT User's Guide
    • Fairchild Semiconductor AN319, Comparison of MM74HC to 74LS, 74S and 74ALS Logic
    • Motorola Semiconductor, AN851, Motorola MC6845 CRTC Simplifies Video Display Controllers

May 2015

  • The MTXPlus+ video issue has still not been resolved, so the system is still limited to operation at 8MHz
  • On a more positive note  though, Martin has made great leaps forward with the ROM code, to such an extent that MTXPlus+ can now run CP/M (ported from Andy Key's REMEMORizer code)
  • Posted photos of an MTX Video board being reused with a TI-99/4A - sold on ebay UK this month
  • Added some details and photos of repair/replacement of a key switch from Mike Rudkin's MTX keyboard

April 2015

  • A very quiet month Memotech wise - normal service will be resumed shortly :-)
  • Paul Daniels has just completed Version 0.2 of his MTX Gamebase - available for download - thanks Paul !

March 2015

  • Posted the latest version of Bill Brendling's Node documentation - Revision 29/03/2015
  • Refreshed the Memotech and CP/M indexes for the search page
  • Received another "bumper bundle" of MTX tapes from Martin, the total in my collection is now up to 86.
  • Posted a scan of the Tape Cover from Cee5
  • Posted a scan of the Tape Cover from Crystal
  • Posted a scan of the Tape Cover from Obliteration Zone
  • Posted a scan of the Tape Cover from Quazzia
  • Posted a scan of the Tape Cover from Tapeworm
  • Posted a scan of the Tape Cover from The Wall
  • Posted a scan of the Tape Cover from Doodlebugs (the "budget" Syntax Soft version)
  • Posted a scan of the Tape Cover from Frantic Freddie (the "budget" Syntax Soft version)
  • Posted a scan of the Tape Cover from Hawkwars (the "budget" Syntax Soft version)
  • Posted a scan of the Tape Cover from Iceburg (the "budget" Syntax Soft version)
  • Not much time for general website things this month - optimisation of MTXPlus+ still has priority
  • Thanks to Martin Allcorn, I have another 20 or so MTX tapes to add to the collection, the total is now up to 50.
  • Claus has just released another converted game, from the Sord M5 called Power-Pac - thanks Claus!

February 2015

  • Updated my Tapes page to indicate the tapes that I currently have (38).
  • Until recently, I did not have any interest in collecting original MTX software on tape, but I have decided that my Memotech collection would be incomplete without copies of the original software tapes. I already have a number of tapes and have decided to try and gather a complete set. If you have any MTX tapes that you would like to donate to the collection, please get in touch. This page lists the titles that I do not have a copy of, if you do consider donating any tapes, please get in touch first, just in case that I have managed to obtain a copy since I last updated the page.

January 2015

  • MTXPlus+ design optimisation is taking up most of my time at the moment, including trying to find (with help) a hardware solution to allow the VDP on the video board to be written to at any CPU speed and optimising the buffer arrangement on the CPU board. Perhaps the most noteworthy development though, is Martin's code to integrate the CF with the MTX ROM. You can see an example of the work to date on the I/O board page.
  • Uploaded some "new" Tape Covers (Courtesy of Sean Mason)
    • 3D- Tachyon Fighter, The Zoo, MTX Basic Business
  • Successfully tested the parallel printer interface on my MTXPlus+ I/O board using a DMX80!
  • Posted a copy of IBMDISC, Read/Write MSDOS format floppies with SDX & CP/M (Courtesy of Bill Brendling)
MTXPlus+ Lives !

With the I/O board completed, the GAL and keyboard ICs installed, an original MTX keyboard connected and the ROM loaded with a copy of the original MTX OS, ASSEM and BASIC ROMs, my MTXPlus+ is working!

The system can accept and run BASIC programs - more testing is required, but, despite the poor screen shot, things are looking good so far.

  • More testing of the MTXPlus+ I/O board : with the 82C55 PPI installed and a Compact Flash card reader hooked up to the IDE interface, running a copy of Martin's test ROM, the system can read data from the CF card.



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