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The Memotech MTX Series


- Where Are They Now?


Where are they now ?

I am curious about what happened to the folks associated with Memotech, so have kicked off this small "where are they now" section with a few profiles that I have been able to put together. I'd like to add more, so if you have anything to add about others from the Memotech time, please let me know. If you are an ex-Memotech'er yourself and want to write a few words about what you've done since then, e-mail it to me and I'll create a page for you here. I'm sure others would be interested too.

Note, I have tried to make this information as accurate as possible, some is taken from data that the individuals have themselves made available on the web (sources credited at the top of the relevant page). In most cases, this has been supplemented by other data that I have found from what I believe to be reputable sources. If you are aware of any errors, please let me know. Also, if you object to any/all of your data being here, let me know and I will remove it.


Memotech Staff

Geoff Boyd Co-founder of Memotech
Robert Branton Co-founder of Memotech
Andrew (Andy) Key (Andy's MTX Website) Game designer, Video Wall software developer
Lawrence (Jim) Wills Technical consultant and game designer/publisher
Mark Males Repair technician, then headed up Continental Software
Richard (Dick) F. Govatski US marketing director
Colin Mitchell Videowall sales engineer
Chris Vlassopulos Videowall sales engineer
Francis Wallinger Hardware, Sales & Marketing, Games
MTX Software
Richard Aplin Game designer
Peter Brunning Word processor designer/publisher
Antony (Tony) Butterfield Game designer
Chris Sawyer Game designer
Nicholas Mynheer Artist - artwork for many of Continental Software's games
David Netherwood Software developer, co-wrote First Letters
Helen Reidy Software developer, co-wrote First Letters
Chris Whittington Game designer

Significant Others

Steve Marchant Designer of the SM1 and various MTX boards
Chris Marvell Worked with Steve Marchant & designed the HRX
Tony Brewer Created the Speculator, wrote various MTX drivers

User Group Organisers / Newsletter Editors

Keith Hook (Burnley) Memopad by Genpat - The Memotech User's Club
Alan Hamilton (Ayrshire) Memotech Owner's Club
Phil Eyres (Southampton) Memotech Owner's Club
Alan Hamilton (Ayrshire) Memotech MTX World by The Software Source
Andy Fox (Bradford) Memotech MTX World by The Software Source

If anyone knows the contact details for the User Group contacts, please get in touch, it is possible that they would be able to provide us with additional MTX software that we don't already have



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