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The Memotech MTX Series

CP/M Software - MTX User Club Germany





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The MTX User Club - Germany, was very active in the Memotech world - perhaps more so than the UK User Groups. As well as developing many hardware projects, the Club also put together a library of CP/M software for Memotech disk systems. Courtesy of Peter Kretzschmar, I am making the library available here. The library seems to have been administered by Herbert Herberg, so "thank you" to Herbert for his hard work back then and to Peter for sharing them.

The User Club files were originally stored in library (.LBR) files with the instructions for unpacking these files provided in a text file on the "Club.000" disk. If you need to access the original library files, perhaps for images you have sourced elsewhere, I have extracted, and no doubt mangled, the instructions and posted them here.

However, for the files on this page, Peter has taken the hard work out of it and repackaged the original disk contents into Zip files. Most the disks in the library have a Table of Contents file in the form where "source" is one of the names shown below and "xxx" is the disk number.

CLUB. LBR Public-Domain CLUB.nnn
KLICK. LBR Public-Domain KLICK.nnn
CATALOG.LBR Public-Domain SIG/M.nnn
CP/MUG. LBR Public-Domain CP/M-UG.nnn
PNET. LBR Public-Domain PICO-NET.nnn
UKUG. LBR Public-Domain UK-UG.nnn
BIGBRD. LBR Public-Domain BIG-BOARD.nnn

This page hosts the "CLUBxxx" disks, I have selected disks from the other libraries, these files are on their own pages - available by clicking on the relevant link above.

Obviously, the comments in the individual archives are in German! I think that the Table of Contents files, at least on the earlier disks in the series, were plain text files, written using the special German characters such as ń, ÷ and ‹ with umlauts (  ® ) and the eszett ( Ŗ ). It looks like the text files on Peter's disks have then been saved with NewWord, and so contain various NewWord control characters. So, cleaning up the files into something that Google Translate could make a reasonable attempt at converting into English was not straightforward.

My proficiency is German extends to being able to order a couple of beers (at least I have the important stuff covered !), so there will be lots of errors in the English text you find here, but at least it should give you a flavour for what is on the disks and whether you want to try out the software. If you do speak German and you can help out with any obviously incorrect or missed translations, please let me know. If you want to read about the convoluted process that I followed to get the files to this stage, you can find it on this page. I did get a bit better as I went on - from about Club.050, they do improve (slightly).

To transfer the files to my FDX/SDX, I use the HxC Floppy Disk Drive Emulator, and cpmtools to copy the files from the library to disk images as described here.

 Here are disks from the MTX User Club (Germany) library that I received from Peter:-

Archive Contents Disk ID Brief description and some of the contents

See here

Club.000 Compressed list of all disks in the User Group Library

Club.001 CP/M Utilities, e.g., DU, Compare, FastCopy, SQ(ueezer)

Club.002 FIG Forth - two versions

Club.003 Small-C and TURBO-Pascal, VS4 Graphics under TURBO

Club.004 BIOS and TURBO Patches, CP/M Utilities, Pong (game)

Club.005 Inline Assembler for TURBO, Tiny Editor, NW Patches

Club.006 TURBO (Graphics, Windows), Using an Atari mouse on MTX

Club.007 Improved Small-C, Supplement to inline assembler in Club.005

Club.008 F83 Forth with documentation for MTX/FDX

Club.009 NewWord Printer Drivers, Merge Print, Docs for ED.COM

Club.010 Z80 Assem./Disass. files, including Config, Coldboot, Baud etc.

Club.011 Utilities in TURBO, Patch to add Status Lines in NewWord

Club.012 8080->Z80 Translator, DU Ver. 8.9, NWSWEEP

Club.013 TURBO - VS4 Graphics, Windows, DMX80 Char.Gen. 

Club.014 TURBO - Various

Club.015 Address and Video Management for dBase, DZ.COM

Club.016 Small-C Version 1.3.0, a few CP/M File / Screen utilities

Club.017 UNSQUEEZE, CLE (Command Line Editor), PLAN (CAD)


ZCPR2 Source, including utilities


P2DO Source



Club.021 Calculators, SHOW (Luxury "Type"), Printer Setup

Club.022 New version of VS 4 - CAD by Manfred Flume

Club.023 NewWord and dBase Tools, Improved graphics routines for VS4

Club.024 Benchmark Program, HELP.COM, dBase and NewWord tools

Club.025 SuperTape utility for the MTX

Club.026 FDX BASIC Variations & source code

Club.027 NULU Library System, Bradford (seems to be a Font utility)

Club.028 Small C - Version 1.3.1

Club.029 Various Utilities, including one for Karnaugh maps for PAL fuses

Club.030 Patches for NewWord, SuperCalc and Turbo Pascal 3.0

Club.031 dBase Tools, Turbo Pascal Tools, Track-wise disk copier

Club.032 SDX SiDisk Driver Source, Floppy Disk Documenter

Club.033 Nutrition Calculator, MTX Editor, Update to Thepatch (Club030)

Club.034 Multiple/Single Disk Copy, dBase tools, SuperCalc examples

Club.035 NULU (Library Manager), Bradford (NLQ Printing Program)

Club.036 Corrected Patches for Turbo, Turbo graphics routines

Club.037 Raytracing - glass sphere (TP), Structure chart generator (TP)

Club.038 Programs for MBASIC, dBase & TP.  EAD (Ed./Assem./Debug)

Club.039 dBase (.CMD) programs

Club.040 Updated NewWord Printer Drivers, 80 Column card graphics

Club.041 New CAT.COM, Small Business programs for dBaseII

Club.042 Turbo Pascal programs

Club.043 Syslib Version 3.6

Club.044 Floppy disk analyser, TP Patches, Assembly programmer help files

Club.045 MT Pascal User Group programs. A backup utility in Pascal

Club.046 Improved USQ, TP Patches, File Backup utility, File Finder utility
Club.047 Tape management dBase program, Epson printer fonts, dBase tools
Club.048 NEWCAT.COM, Improved Disk Catalogue utility
Club.049 Turbo Pascal programs, dBase Slide Management, Library utility
 Club.050 Display disk parameters, Copy Programs, Crossword generator


Small C Compiler with "Bells & Whistles"
Club.052 Disk Utilities, Various Patches - Add Time to STAT.COM,
Club.053 Print file with line Nos, Assembler Routines,CP/M &dBase .HLPs
Club.054 Bradford Fonts, File clean-up program, KERMIT.COM (comms)
- - Club.055 (missing)
Club.056 Small C - Update to Club.051
Club.057 File en/decryptor, LZH Uncrunch source, Apple-MTX Transfer
Club.058 Missing Index. Programs may be: Tetris, Enhanced DIR, Krypto2
Club.059 Missing Index. Seems to be various Z80 Assembler tools
- -



Club.808 Bradford (Font Utility) Update, Quote Programs (2)
Club.813 APL (Language), DB in MBASIC, Tetris, Tips for Zork I,II & III
Club.900 Sources for P2DOS 1.3, ZCPR 3.3, Various Utilities
Club.901 File compression & library utilities, Tips & help for TP3 under ZCPR
Club.902 V4 Assembler Libraries: SYSLIB, DSLIB, VLIB and Z3LIB
Club.911 Z3CPR Replacement Command Processor - Z3HELP Files
Club.914 Z3CPR Replacement Command Processor - Z3COM Files
That is the complete selection of MTX Germany User Group Disks

As with other PD resources, I would imagine that the library contains items of "variable" quality, from great to the not so! If you find anything particularly useful, or equally, NOT, please let me know so that I can update the listing for the benefit of others.



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