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The Memotech MTX Series

CP/M Games For the Memotech FDX or SDX



Very few of the programs here have been formally released into the Public Domain and copyright is still held by the original authors and publishers. However, after all this time, I imagine that very few of the authors would object to people using the software or me distributing it. Even fewer of the original publishers still exist. However, if you are the holder of the copyright to any of this software and object to its being here, please let me know and I will remove it.


This page contains a number of generic CP/M Games that can be run on Memotech CP/M systems, they are a mixture of Public Domain and very old commercial games. Please read the Copyright notice before downloading any of the commercial software.



Screen shot


Publisher / Author
Caves of the Orb


(This is a CP/M text adventure and is formatted for an 80 column screen - the picture here has been cropped to fit this page.)


Has the same game play as the MTX graphical version available on the MTX software downloads page.




by Andy Key





(Text Adventure from Infocom)




This program is formatted for an 80 column screen - the picture here has been cropped to fit this page.







Infocom was eventually taken over by Activision who made the Zork series freely distributable

Go to Iron Realms for a selection of maps, manuals and walk-throughs







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