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The Memotech MTX Series

CP/M Software For the Memotech FDX or SDX


The Memotech FDX and SDX systems came with a number of system specific CP/M programs, most of these can be downloaded from the Memotech Software Catalogue Downloads page.

Since the Memotech disk systems were capable of running CP/M 2.2, a huge range of generic CP/M programs will also run on these systems. As a quick Google search (try "CP/M software download") will show, there are many, many, websites from where you can download a wide range of CP/M software. I could not hope to host all of the available programs here, even if I wanted to, rather, the files that I host here will be ones that I have tried or my FDX or with MEMU and have verified that they will run on Memotech hardware and, in my opinion anyway, are worth looking at. The the ones on the Single Programs page are those that I have personally run, either on an FDX/SDX or using Andy Key's MEMU emulator.

I intend to create a software repository for the Memotech CP/M disk systems, FDX and SDX. This is at an early stage, but at the moment, I envisage the software falling into the main sections listed here :

  • System Disks (Memotech)
  • Support Programs (Memotech)
  • Applications (Third party, Memotech specific versions)
  • Others (Generic CP/M 2.2 software)

These days, with the demise of the floppy disk and the unreliability of old media, it can be a challenge to obtain and use CP/M software. Exchange of programs and data, even between systems of the same type, can be difficult, particularly if physical media is involved, so disk imaging is a good solution. Teledisk was a program released by Sydex in the 1980s which could compress the structure and data on a floppy disk and create an "image" of the disk for archiving or transfer purposes, the image could subsequently be reconstructed onto another floppy disk. Teledisk, and similar tools, require a legacy (not USB) floppy drive to be able to read and write disk images.

Floppy disk emulators, such as the HxC SD  Floppy Drive Emulator, offer a good solution for replacing or complimenting the legacy floppy disk drives on Memotech disk systems. The HxC uses disk images stored on SD card to emulate the original floppy disk and associated PC software is used to create the required disk images for the HxC and can also export disk images in a variety of other formats.

I have started to create a library of disk images for Memotech disk systems, these can be found on my Disk Images page.

Courtesy of Peter Kretzschmar, I have obtained a number of disk images from the MTX User Club Germany and will post them as I find time.

A selection of disk imaging tools can be found on my MTX Tools page


A Customised FDX CP/M System

Back in the day, I made use of various bulletin boards (even running my own PC based Wildcat! BBS for a few years) and "met" a chap called Dave Hill who had built customised versions of the FDX CP/M Operating System.

The main FDX specific modification that Dave made was to modify the BIOS to increase the capacity of the floppy drives by making changes to the disk format parameters. Dave also replaced the standard Memotech BDOS with BDOSZ Version 1.91, an improved CP/M type BDOS and the standard CP/M 2.2 CCP with CCPZ Version 2.x.


Details of Dave's work, including some of the source code are available on my Memotech MFS page

I lost touch with Dave Hill many years ago, so I have not been able to get permission from Dave to make his work available on the website, but as he shared it with me, then I assume that he would have no problem with this.

Dave, in the unlikely event that you come across this, then please get in touch.




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