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The Memotech MTX Series


NB: Everything on these pages relates to CP/M 2.2 - the version used by Memotech and the BBC Micro.


CP/M, or Control Program for Microcomputers, was written by Digital Research founder Gary Kildall and used on a wide range of microcomputers from the late seventies onwards. Legend has it (incorrectly) that had Gary not being out flying his plane when IBM came to call in 1980, CP/M would have been the operating system on the IBM PC. Instead, IBM ended up with Bill Gates' MS-DOS and the rest is history ! You can read one version of the story here.

CP/M is the operating system that was used on a wide variety of 8080/Z80 computers, including the disk expansion options for the Memotech MTX series and the Z80 Second Processor upgrade for the Acorn/BBC Microcomputer. The hardware for the various Memotech disk systems can be found by following the Memotech MTX link and the BBC Z80 Second Processor by following the BBC Micro link.



CP/M Related Books

There are copies of a number of published books in the Projects area. Please read the note at the top of that page about the basis on which these books are posted. The CP/M publications are at the bottom of that page. Titles include :-
Mastering CP/M CP/M User Guide CP/M Handbook with MP/M          


CP/M Related Links

The Menu bar on the left will take you to a selection of my pages which include links to various generic CP/M documents and a range of CP/M software, as well as some brief technical details of CP/M. This site is not intended to be a comprehensive resource for CP/M - there are a range of excellent sites on the web for that - just type "CP/M" into Google ! Alternatively, a selection of the sites that I have used is listed below :-

Obsolescence Guaranteed  The CP/M Internals page from Oscar Vermeulen's Obsolescence Guaranteed website  Information on the history of CP/M and Digital Research
Tim Olmstead Memorial Library  Manuals for Digital Research software
The Unofficial CP/M Website  Good source for CP/M software and documentation
Gaby's CP/M Centre  More resources and links to CP/M
Seasip  Good all round resource for CP/M by John Elliott
Micro Vibe  Some useful information on CP/M and hints on using it.

 There are some very helpful descriptions of BIOS, BDOS and the CCP on that site.

Wikipedia  CP/M Entry on Wikipedia


CP/M Programming & Development Tools

Free CP/M C Compiler  CP/M C Compiler - requires an 8080 OR Z80 Processor
Mix C Compiler  CP/M Mix C Compiler - Royalty Free
Various C Compilers  Links to a host of C Compilers (Aztec, Small C, Mix etc.)
Assembly Language Tools  Collection of CP/M Assemblers and Linkers


CP/M Software

Retroarchive  Download a range of ex-commercial software
CP/M Pages  Generic CP/M Software Downloads
Herne Data Systems  Archive of legacy CP/M Software



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