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The Memotech MTX Series

CP/M Emulation

image courtesy of Oscar Vermeulen

Although not a substitute for the "look and feel" of real vintage computer hardware, it is possible to run various CP/M emulators on modern computer hardware such as PCs. Emulation of a typical CP/M machine with a 4MHz Z80 processor and 64kbytes of RAM only requires a very small amount of the available resources on modern hardware.

For an emulation of CP/M running on Memotech MTX hardware, Andy Key's MEMU is unbeatable, it offers a faithful emulation of the full range of Memotech computer hardware, including the systems capable of running CP/M.

The window shown here has been cropped to fit this webpage, but if you click on the image, you can see a sample of MEMU running in CP/M mode using one of the available screen sizes - in this case, 2x the native resolution of the Memotech 80 column card.

Even if your interest is not Memotech hardware, it can be used as a generic CP/M emulator, the fact that MEMU is emulating Memotech hardware is almost incidental.


There are also a number of freely available Z80 / CP/M emulators around, there is a good list of Z80 emulators for different platforms on Thomas Scherrer's Z80 Emulators page.

PC Emulators include : 22NICE, MyZ80 and SIMH, one user's comparison of 22NICE and MyZ80 can be found on this page on the retrocomputing archive site

22NICE was created by Sydex Inc. and released as Shareware. Please read the note on my MTX Tools page for my view of the current status of Sydex Shareware

  22Nice Version 1.42
SIMH : a multi-system emulator which runs on a number of platforms, including, Windows, Linux and other operating systems. It is capable of emulating a range of hardware from the likes of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Hewlett-Packard (HP) and IBM. It is maintained by Bob Supnik, a former DEC engineer and VP.
Building on the SIMH core, Peter Schorn has developed an Altair 8800 Z80 simulator. The Altair simulator and CP/M installation for PC, Macintosh (OS X) and Linux, can be downloaded from Peter Schorn's website
MyZ80 is probably the most widely recommended Z80 emulator, it was written by Simeon Cran and last updated in 1998. Version 1.11 is Freeware, but the last available version, 1.24, was originally released as Shareware. The author does not seem to be contactable any more, so it various sites have chosen to make that version available for download. However, if anyone objects to the file being here, let me know and I will remove them.

Note, V1.11 contains a bug that prevents "RES1, C" and "RES1, B" from working, this is corrected in version 1.20 and above

 MyZ80 Version 1.11

 MyZ80 Version 1.24
Running the emulators on 64-bit Microsoft Windows
Like CP/M itself, the DOS based emulators are very old, 16-bit, applications. In order to run them on 64-bit versions of the newer Microsoft Windows OSs, such as Windows Vista and Windows 7, the emulator needs to be installed in a Virtual Machine.




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