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Commodore PET Projects - petSD+

petSD+ Version 2.4 - 3D Printed Case

Photo : Chuck Hutchins Photo : Luis Fernando Salazar


petSD+ Version 2.4 Case

A member of the Facebook Commodore PET/CBM Enthusiasts Group, Luis Fernando Salazar, has designed a really nice 3D printed case for petSD+.  The case has been designed to look like a miniature Commodore PET disk drive, such as the 8050. The case was originally designed for petSD+ version 2.2 but has now been updated and optimised for the version 2.4 PCB.

The case was designed as an "after market" add-on and requires minor alteration to an already built petSD+. The case is designed to have front facing LEDs and to achieve this, the standard vertically mounted LEDs need to be replaced with right angled LEDs that shine through light tubes in the printed case.

Luis's description of the case on Facebook is quoted below . . . . .

"Hello everyone, I want to share with this group the 3D printed case I made for the petSD+. It's made to resemble the 8050 disk drive. One modification was needed to the LEDs, they were replaced with right-angle ones. The top is white, but I plan to print it in beige to see what color looks closer to the original disk drive. Thanks to David Laffineuse for letting me borrow his petSD+ (I don't own one), and to Nils Eilers, the creator of the petSD+ for providing me with info about the board. "

Luis can supply the kits for $40, plus P&P. Luis is based in Florida, USA, so US shipping should be pretty reasonable, shipping to other countries will be a little more expensive, but contact Luis for further details and to order your case.

email :


The case is supplied as a kit comprising of :

3D Printed parts (base, top and rear panel)
Replacement LEDs (Red, Amber, Green)
Light Pipes (3)
Button Actuators (3)
M3 Screws (4)
Rubber Feet (4)
Front view, showing the light tubes, SD card slot and the three actuators which are used to activate the existing vertical buttons.

You can also see the petSD+ logo embossed in the front panel.
In this photo, you can see the replacement LEDs positioned behind the light tubes in the front face.

You can also see how the three actuators fit over the existing buttons to allow them to be actuated from the front panel.
Rear view, showing only the power lead connected, you can also see the reset button is able to be operated through the rear panel.
View of the base, showing the screws inserted into the display mounting pillars and the rubber feet fitted.
Luis has created assembly instructions that can be downloaded from here or opened by clicking on the image opposite

I have to declare an interest here; I don't personally benefit from promoting these cases, but Luis did generously donate one to me for loaning him a Version 2.4 petSD+ so that he could modify his design to suit the latest PCB.

That said though, I think that the case is a great piece of work, it really finishes off petSD+ and gives it a really professional look and feel. The 3D printing is done exceptionally well, the panels are made thick enough to give good rigidity, without being too bulky and the edges and ventilation grill slots are very neat, with crisp lines. I don't know what printer Luis is using, but it gives much better results than I would achieve if I printed the model on my own 3D printer.

I realise that by the time you take into account the cost of petSD+, possibly adding on the high quality LCD screen and then purchasing this 3D printed case, then petSD+ works out as pretty expensive. However, as I mention on my petSD+ ordering page, you should bear in mind the difference between cost and value. If you want to grace your, no doubt well loved, Commodore PET with a quality SD card "disk" system, then you should really give this solution some consideration. (Not that I am biased of course !)



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