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The Commodore PET (Model : CBM 8096)




User Manuals - Software

The Commodore PET Assembler Development System

Commodore Business Machines Professional Computer Division, 1979

Downloaded from
Disk System User Reference Guide

Commodore Electronics Limited,  1982
Part Number 320972-01

(106 Pages, 2.1 MB PDF)


Downloaded from

Disk Reference Manual for D9090, D9060, 8250, 8050, 4040, 2031


(60 Pages, 2.2 MB PDF)

Downloaded from
User's Reference Manual, Commodore BASIC Version 4.0

Commodore Business Machines, 1980

(150 Pages, 500 KB)

High quality OCR'ed version available from
  CMD Hard Drive Users Manual 

Creative Micro Designs, Inc. 4th Edition, 1991

(171 Pages, 2.8 MB PDF)

Primary reference for the enhanced disk commands available to petSD+

Courtesy of Nils Eilers, as a series of .png pages. Converted to PDF by me

Books - Software

Programming The PET/CBM


Raeto West, Level Limited, 1977


(511 Pages, 16 MB PDF)


Downloaded from

Programming The PET/CBM


Raeto West, Compute Books, 1982


(514 Pages, 17.7 MB PDF)


Downloaded from

Library of Pet Subroutines (1980)

Nick Hampshire, Commodore Business Machines
(138 Pages, 3.9 MB PDF)

Downloaded from
BASIC 4.0 Programming for the Commodore PET/CBM

Don Cassel, Humber College, 1983
(205 Pages, 13.1 MB PDF)

Downloaded from

Inside Commodore DOS [Written for the 1541 with DOS 2.6]


Richard lmmers & Gerald C. Neufeld, Datamost, 1984

ISBN: 0-8539-3091-2


(512 Pages, 7 MB PDF)


Downloaded from



User Manuals - Hardware

Commodore Business Computer, User's Guide - Series 8000

Part # 320894, Commodore Business Machines, 1980

(61 Pages, 3 MB PDF)

CBM Expansion Memory Board, User's Guide

Part # 324008, Commodore Business Machines, 1981

(18 Pages, 1 MB PDF)

CBM 8096, User's Manual (In German)

Part # 222b-483, Commodore GmbH

(56 Pages, 2 MB PDF)

Provisional copy of the CBM 8096 Manual (English)

Commodore ?

(7 Pages, 5 MB PDF)


Madison Computer Z-RAM Board - enabled some PETs to run CP/M


(Sold as CP/Maker in Europe)


Installation & Operation Manual - More details on the Options page


Downloaded from Mike Naberezny's site

Books - Hardware

PET/CBM Personal Computer Guide, 1980

McGraw-Hill, 2nd Edition

(508 Pages, 11.1 MB PDF)

Downloaded from
PET And The IEEE-488 Bus (GPIB)

Eugene Fisher & C.W.Jensen, Osbourne/McGraw-Hill,1980

(249 Pages, 4MB PDF)

Downloaded from
The PET Revealed

A Nick Hampshire Publication, Second Edition January 1980
(188 Pages,  7.1 MB PDF) 

Downloaded from




Commodore 8250 Dual Disk System

Commodore Computer, 19xx

(2 Pages, 1 MB PDF)

Downloaded from Richard Lagendijk's site and converted to PDF



Service / Maintenance Manuals


Commodore Dual Disk System, 8050/8250, Service Manual

Downloaded from Bo Zimmerman's site and converted to PDF

The PDF has been formatted for screen viewing and some of the schematics may not print as well as the "originals". The source files for the PDF, which are mainly .GIF files, can be found in their original location on



Component Data Sheets

Location Original Part Replacement
8032 System board 16k x 1 RAM Hitachi HM4716AP-4 Mostek MK4116N-3IRL
8032 System board PIA, 1 for the IEEE-488 bus, 1 for the keyboard MOS 6520 PIA Rockwell R6520
WDC W65C21
8032 System board ROMs MOS 2332 ROM TI 2532


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