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The Memotech MTX Series


A page of useless facts related (however tenuously) to :-

Memotech "Timeline" courtesy of Paul Daniels

Did you know ? . . . . . . . .


MTX computers were made in Witney, Oxfordshire, UK


David Cameron, UK Prime Minister between 2010 and 2016, was the MP for Witney from 2001 to 2016


Douglas Hurd was also the MP for Mid Oxfordshire (which was replaced by Witney) from 1974 to 1997


Memotech's founders (Geoff Boyd and Robert Branton) established Memotech while both at Oxford University
+      Geoff Boyd was a post-graduate researcher in metallurgy, probably at Wolfson College, Oxford
+      Robert Branton taught mathematics at Christ Church College, Oxford


MTX cases were made in the UK, sent all the way to Holland for painting, then sent back! * (Back in Black ?)
+ The MTX512 & FDX starred in the movie Weird Science (oh, and Kelly LeBrock was in the movie too).
+ The game called "Les Flics" is the French nickname equivalent of the "Old Bill" (police)
+ An MTX512 with 64K of RAM has 512Kbits of RAM - it really was a MTX "512"  :-)
+ The MTX was 2.9x faster than a ZX Spectrum when running PCW BASIC Benchmarks
+ The red MTX demoed in Moscow was a lash up of prototyping boards inside the red case*
+ Memotech seem to have operated from a number of different addresses in and around Oxford
      3 Collins Street, Oxford - an early address for ZX81 add-ons (April 1982)
      103 Walton Street, Oxford - which seems to have been followed by this one
      Station Lane, Witney, Oxford - the final home for Memotech, where the MTX was made
      Memotech also rented office space from Witney Congregational Church, at 33A High Street, Witney
+ While the Station Lane factory was being built, Memotech moved into portakabins (photo from PCW, 1982)
+ Continental Software were based in a building opposite the factory (Mark Males)
+ Memotech Computers Limited moved into the that building when Memotech Limited closed down (Geoff Boyd)
+ Megastar Games were based in the Memotech factory (Jim Wills / Andy Key)
+ The Witney factory was located right next to the Tolman F1 Team (Mark Males)
+ The Memotech factory in Station Lane now looks like this (photo courtesy of Google Street View)
+ The MTX took its name from the die cast number stamped on the first case sample (from Memopad Issue 3)
+ Early MTXs used VDPs made by Texas Instruments in England, Ti's first non-US Semiconductor plant
+ The name "Memotech MTX500" was a UK Trademark with registration number 1195605 (1983)
+ The name "Memotech" was previously registered with number 1172263 (1982)
+ When introduced in 1983, the MTX500 was 275 and the MTX512 was 315
+ In September 1984, the MTX500 price dropped to 199.99  and included five free games cassettes worth 30
+ By the end of 1985, the MTX500 was 79.95 and the MTX512 was 129.95 - see the Dealer Pricelist
+ By mid 1987, you could get an MTX512 from UK Home Computers for 39.95 - see this advert
+ The most expensive MTX I have seen on ebay UK was a standard MTX500 which sold for 536 in April 2013
+ The Quadrascope in the Natural History Museum in London originally used a Memotech Video Wall
+     You can even buy a jigsaw of the Quadrascope Water Cycle display in the Ecology Exhibition
+ The Twin drive FDX system was sold as the FDX-1000 in the US (it was reviewed in this article)
+ In the USA, Memotech's (Memotech Corp.) first office was in Denver, Colorado (80227)
+ Memotech Corp. later relocated to Needham, Massachusetts (02194)
+ Before Memotech Computers demise, they were working on a 32 bit computer based on a NS32000 CPU
+ The winner of the contract for Russian school computers was the Yamaha YIS503II - see here for more
+ MTX is also an abbreviation for Methotrexate, a drug used in chemotherapy, amongst its other uses
+ Ed Hollingshead (author of Toado etc.) wrote an unpublished book, "Know Your MTX" (from MOC Info. Sheet)
+ Memotech (Memotekid) was a short experimental dance film that won the Betting on Shorts competition for 2009
+ The FDX was one of the earliest, perhaps even the first, CP/M 2.2 system capable of utilising colour text & graphics
+ The first title released under the SyntaxSoft label was Salty Sam (from Memopad Issue 2)
+ The Memotech Speculator (ZX Spectrum emulator) was released in October 1985
+ Memotech sold more disk systems in Germany than the rest of continental Europe combined
+ Memotech manufactured their own keyboards, using key-switches and custom keycaps from Futaba, Japan
+ MTX is a small, Unix like, Operating system used for teaching the principles of Operating Systems
+ The MTX Assembler ROM contains an "Easter Egg" - a message to one programmer's girlfriend - "Hello Caro"
      It cost the programmer his job - I hope that it was worth it ! [Located at #2BD0] (Mark Males/Martin Allcorn)
+ Your trivia here . . . . . .

If you know anything useless about Memotech, please let me know :-)


* Information from Ann Selene based on her time working with Memotech on the Russian project

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