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MTXPlus+ Design Data - Additional Resources

Technical data and reference books relevant to MTXPlus+


 * * *    A word about the downloads on this page    * * *

This material has been collected from various archives freely available on the internet. Although many of the books and documents available on this page are no longer in print, they are still subject to copyright of the respective authors & publishers. Given the age of the material here and the limited interest in the subject matter, I believe that the documents here can be distributed without restriction.  However, if you believe that any material here does not fall into this category, please let me know and I will remove it.


Downloads available with known provenance

Build your own Z80 Computer


Design Guidelines and Application Notes


Author Steve Ciarcia

McGraw- Hill 1981


ISBN 0-07-010962-1


The PDF has been released into the public domain by the author and Circuit Cellar magazine.

How to program the Z80


Author Rodnay Zaks



3rd Edition, Sybex 1981


ISBN 0-89588-094-6


Made available on the site.


(Refer to here for details).


This website is a great resource for the Z80.

Zilog "Z80 Assembly Language Programming", from 1978


Additional Resources - currently available

These titles are very handy references for building and using a Z80 based microprocessor. They are still protected by copyright - see the note at the top of this page for my understanding of their current status.
Z80 Hardware & Programming References
Introduction to the Z80 Microcomputer

Author Adi J. Khambata

2nd Edition, 1982, 1987, John Wiley & Sons

ISBN 0-471-85287-2

Downloaded from

Z80 Assembly Language Programming

Author Lance A Leventhal

Osborne/McGaw-Hill, 1979

ISBN 0-931988-21-7

Downloaded from

Z80 Assembly Language Subroutines

Authors Lance A Leventhal & Winthrop Saville

Osborne/McGaw-Hill, 1983

ISBN 0-931988-91-8

Downloaded from

The Z80 Microcomputer Handbook

Author William Barden Jr.

1st Edition, Sams, 1978

First Printing, 1978

ISBN 0-672-21500-4


(I do have a photo copy of this book from when I borrowed it from the library back in the '80s - who's a bad boy then?)



The Z80 Microcomputer Handbook

Author William Barden Jr.

1st Edition, Sams, 1978

Eighth Printing, 1985

ISBN 0-672-21500-4

Downloaded from

The Z80 Microprocessor

Architecture, Interfacing, Programming and Design

Author Ramesh S. Gaonkar

McMillann, 1988

ISBN 0-675-20540-9

(Downloaded from the World of Spectrum)

Z80 Users Manual

Author Joseph J. Carr

1983, Reston Publishing

ISBN 0-8359-9516-X

(Downloaded from the World of Spectrum)

Z80 Programming for Logic Design

Authors Adam Osborne, Jerry Kane, Russell Rector, Susanna Jacobson

Osborne & Associates, Inc. 1978

(Downloaded from the World of Spectrum)
Z80 CPU Microprocessor Instant Reference Card

Micro-Logic Corp, 1981

Downloaded from
Z80 Microprocessor Reference Card

Nanos Systems Corp, 1981

Downloaded from


CP/M Reference Books

Mastering CP/M

Author Alan R. Miller

Sybex, 1983

ISBN 0-89588-068-7

(Downloaded from the World of Spectrum)

The CP/M Handbook with MP/M

Author Author Rodnay Zaks

1980, Sybex

ISBN 0-895-88-48-2

(Downloaded from the World of Spectrum)


The Osborne CP/M User Guide

Author Thom Hogan

2nd Edition,  Osborne / McGraw-Hill, 1982

ISBN 0-931988-82-9

(Downloaded from the World of Spectrum)

CP/M The Software Bus . . . a programmer's companion

Authors A Clark, JM Eaton & D Powys-Lybbe

1983, Sigma Technical Press

ISBN 0-905104-18-8

Downloaded from

Miscellaneous References
The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition

By Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie  

Downloaded from

Prentice Hall

ISBN: 8601410794231




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