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Lez Anderson is very keen on encouraging people to get into electronics and hardware design in particular. To that end, in early 2014, he made additional "kits" of parts available to a number of members of the Memotech Forum who expressed an interest in getting one (the "offer" is now closed).

These kits contain a range of very useful and interesting ICs - they are not old parts that Lez happened to have lying around, they are "new old stock" items that Lez bought from China to give away to the group. A real big "thank you" to Lez for this generous gesture.

I'm looking forward to seeing what uses the lucky "winners" can find for this impressive selection of chips. In due course, if you would like to share your achievements, I'd be happy to post details on the website in this area. In the meantime, to kick things off, you can see Bill Brendling's Z80 computer design from the 1980s by following this link.

Updated Parts Kits From Lez in March 2014

Click on the IC part number to open the component datasheet

Most of the other links are to Wikipedia to explain the acronyms if you are unfamiliar with them.

OEM Part Number Package Description
Altera EPM7128SLC84-15 PLCC 84 CPLD
AMD AM29F040B PLCC 32 512k x 8 Flash
Atmel AT89C55-24PC (x2) DIP 40 8-Bit Microcontroller
Atmel AT89C2051-24PU DIP 20 8-Bit Microcontroller
Hitachi HM628128ALP-10 DIP 32 128k x 8 SRAM
Dallas DS12887 DIP 24 Real Time Clock
Intel P82C55A2 DIP 40 Peripheral Interface
Intersil CP82C55A-5Z DIP 40 Peripheral Interface
Lattice GAL16V8D DIP 20 PLD
Lattice GAL22V10D DIP 24 PLD
Maxim MAX232EPE DIP 16 RS232 Driver
Maxim MAX705 DIP 8 Watchdog / Reset
Microchip AY-3-8910A DIP 40 PSG
NEC D41464C-10 (x4) DIP 18 64k x 4 DRAM
TI SN76489 DIP 16 PSG
Winbond W27C010 -70Z DIP 32 128k x 8 EEPROM
Winbond W27C512-45Z DIP 28 64k x 8 EEPROM
Yamaha V9958  (datasheet) SDIP 64 VDP
Zilog Z84C0020PEC DIP 40 Z80 MOS CPU
Zilog Z84C0020VEC  PLCC 44 Z80 MOS CPU
Zilog Z84C9008VSC PLCC 44 Z80 KIO

All of the PLCC and most of the DIP packaged chips are already in sockets. Kits also include miscellaneous items, including crystals, LEDs, switches, various connectors and an IDE Compact Flash card reader.

Kits ready for checking

Sets of kit ICs

The contents of 1 kit


Original Parts I Obtained from Lez in 2012

These are the components that Lez sent me as part of his "FREE Z80 stuff", subsequently, Lez sent me many other components and useful items - thanks Lez!

If you received a kit of parts from Lez in 2012/13, it is probably similar to this - your mileage may vary of course :-)


Z84C0020 20MHz CPU DIP40 (1)

HM628128 128k byte SRAM 55ns DIP32 (1)

W27C512 64k byte EEPROM 45ns DIP28 (1)

V9958 VDP DIP64 (0)

20MHz crystals (1)

21.4772 MHz crystals (0)

6.000 MHz crystals (1)

8.000 MHz crystals (1)

EPM7128 CPLDs PLCC84 (0)

GAL22V10 SPLDs (1)

MAX232 RS232 Driver (0)

Various other ICs : AM29F040B, AT89C55WD

A selection of IC DIP sockets, pins (quantity) :-


      8 (2), 16 (1), 18 (0), 20 (0), 24 (4), 

      28 (2), 32 (3), 40 (2) , 48 (0), 64 (0)


PLCC sockets, pins (quantity) :-


     32 (1), 44 (2), 52 (0), 68 (0), 84 (2)

Miscellaneous hardware, including :-

Single & double open PCB IDC header


2 x 9 Way D-type male PCB connectors

20mm PCB fuse holder

PS/2 keyboard/mouse PCB connector

3 bit DIP switch

2.5mm DC power connector

3.5mm audio socket

3 x PCB switches (2 x pushbutton, 1 x slide)


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