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image from ZEPTOBARS

The core of a Zilog Z80 from 1990


This page hosts links to "home brew" Z80 systems, at this point, there are only a couple of links, to Bill Brendling's Z80 based systems that he designed and built in the 1990s and to Martin Allcorn's ZX80/ZX81 "clones".

I expect to be flooded with exciting new Z80 designs from the folks that Lez Anderson generously supplied with a fantastic range of ICs (see here for details), including Z80 CPUs, in March 2014 - watch this space !  :-)

(The table is listed by designer/builder name in alphabetical order)


Designer System Description Date MHz RAM (KB) ROM (KB)
Martin Allcorn ZX80/81 ZX80 & ZX81 Clone 2012/13 3.25 16 4 / 8
Bill Brendling HMC Computer 1990s 4.0 32 16
Bill Brendling


NAVTEX Decoder 1997 3.2768 48 16




Credits :

The cool Z80 die photo was downloaded from zeptobars.ru. The Z80 die size is 3545x3350 Ám. Clicking on the image above will open up a medium resolution photo, but to see the fine detail, please download (rather than display) the full size image (51MB!), by "right clicking" and doing a "Save As" on this link.

Quoting from their website, "ZeptoBars is a Russian based R&D company focused on microelectronics and high-tech. We are having fun dissolving microchips in boiling acid, working on our microcontroller core, software development tools for it and new design of dye-laser."



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