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Just an idea . . . . . .


Idea abandoned due to lack of interest


In my opinion, the memopad magazines have some really good technical content in them but it is spread through issues from the 4 years or so that it was produced and the indexing is either very poor or non-existent. Quite often, I have found myself wading through the magazines to find an article that I know I have seen, but can't recall in which issue. Although the issues listed on the main memopad page have a very brief indication of the contents, it is not comprehensive and I still need to open up the individual articles - this is particularly painful when articles spread over more than one issue. Unfortunately, due to the poor quality of the originals, though they are fully legible, they won't be OCR'ed so the compendia will not be searchable.


I have had the idea of creating a number of compendia from the content in particular areas, perhaps :-

  • Assembly Language


  • Forth

  • CP/M

  • Hardware

  • Game reviews - does not interest me, but it may be of interest to others.

If I do this, it will be a painful and hence a "one off" exercise, so I need to decide up front what subjects to collate and then go back through all of the magazines, creating the different compendia. As I said, the process will be painful and very time consuming so I won't bother even starting this unless there is also interest from others and a bit of incentive for me, so here is the idea . . . . .


I go back through the issues, creating the new PDFs as I go.

The compendia will probably be released in stages, say, after the first six and then after every 12 issues - the next volume would build on the previous one.

The PDFs will be protected and opening restricted by password for issues posted on the site.

Should you "subscribe", you would personally receive by (e-mail) an unprotected copy.


The PDFs will be available for purchase, prices based on the number of issues of the original magazine that they encompass - note, this will not necessarily be related to the number of pages in the compendium, it would depend on the subject matter in the magazines but if the number of pages is below the minimum for that price point, the previous price would apply, e.g., if you "subscribed" at the 24 Issue level, but the number of pages in the compendium was only 18, the price would be 6.00.



Potential prices are per compendium, with a minimum page count

Original Memopad Issues


Min # Pages
Up to 12 6.00 0
Up to 24 10.00 20
Up to 36 12.50 30
All remaining Issues (If I can find the rest) 15.00 30
Notes :-
Once you had "subscribed", future issues would be free, so getting in at the start would be cheaper, i.e., pay 6.00 now and get all subsequent releases of that compendium. Once the 24 Issue version was available, the cost would go up to 10.00 and so on.
Buy the full set for 25.00, pay this price at any time and get all issues of all of the available compendia - the number of compendia would be finalised before the process starts.
I am not "selling" the original content, rather, making a small charge for my time in doing this. The individual magazine issues will continue to be freely available for download - what you would be getting is a more convenient packaging of related information.
Significant contributors to the site, the MTX software library, the Memotech community in general or others on an ad-hoc basis (you probably know who you are, but if in doubt, please ask) would get complementary issues, subject of course, to me deciding to progress this idea. That would depend on the level of interest shown.

Whilst I do not expect a binding commitment to be made at this stage, I would like to see if this is something that people might find useful. So, I am looking for, say 10, people to confirm that this is something that they would pay for, as a said, not a binding commitment, but more than just a vague idea that you might, i.e., that you are pretty confident that you would "subscribe" when the material became available.

On the basis of 10 "notes of interest", even allowing for a 50% attrition rate, if even 5 people eventually "subscribed", I think it is probably worthwhile.

If you are interested, please drop me an email indicating which of the potential subject areas you are interested in or any others that you can suggest. I would also appreciate general comments on the idea - even if you think it is a bad one!






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Idea abandoned due to lack of interest


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