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The BBC Microcomputer System (BBC Micro)

BBC Micro Model B Photos


Here you will find a selection of pictures of the BBC Micro Model B and various add-ons. Click on the photo to open up the original file. If you click on the images below, the full size picture will open, be aware, these are quite large!



External view of the BBC Micro
The interface connections on the bottom of the case, from left to right, are :-

The Tube, 1MHz Bus, User Port, Printer Port, Disk Drive, Aux Power Out

This image was downloaded from the BeebControl website

Model B, Issue 7 Motherboard

This image was downloaded from 8-Bit Software who have a great page which has a clickable image that allows you to see the function of each chip on the board.

Just visible as the expansion connectors on the bottom of the board.

My combo disk unit and plinth. Consisting of a 5.25" disk drive, switchable between 40/80 tracks and an 80 track 3.5" disk drive.

Supplied by RetroClinic

Close up of the facia and drive track selection switch




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